Rebel Wilson's Photo With Prince Harry Proves There's No Bad Blood Over Her Cheeky Joke

Compared to some of the criticism (and straight up attacks) that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle receive from the media on a near daily basis, Rebel Wilson's cheeky joke ahead of hosting the BAFTAs barely registers. The Australian actor referred to the lyrics, "I like to be in America / Okay by me America," from "West Side Story" as "Meghan and Harry's new theme song," during an appearance on ITV's "This Morning," per NME. Wilson was obviously joking about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's decision to leave royal duties behind and move to the United States permanently. As far as jabs go, it wasn't exactly the sharpest, but it still could make you wonder if Wilson is taking sides in the royal feud.

Well, if Wilson is taking sides, the photo of herself with Prince Harry that she posted to Instagram, as well as the caption, might give you an idea of which side that would actually be. 

Rebel Wilson says she's 'Team Harry'

Rebel Wilson posted a group shot that included herself and Prince Harry to her Instagram on May 23, captioning the photo, "Team Harry!" Is that an official stance? No, probably not. The photo was taken at the Santa Barbara Polo Club where Harry had competed in a polo match the weekend prior. The prince's team won, per Page Six, in case you were curious. Whether or not Wilson has taken sides in the feud, it's clear that she doesn't have beef with the Sussexes at least. 

Wilson has poked fun at the royals before. For instance, while presenting at the BAFTAs in 2020, she made an intentionally awkward reference to the scandalized Prince Andrew, which was greeted by gasps and extremely stiff smiles from Prince William and Kate Middleton, who were in the audience, per Daily Beast. It's probably best to remember that Wilson is a comedic actor, and sometimes it is just her job to gently mock people, even members of the royal family.