Body Language Expert Reveals The Telltale Sign In Kate Moss' Game-Changing Testimony - Exclusive

The Johnny Depp trial madness continues as his bitter court battle against Amber Heard rages on. The actor is suing his ex-wife for defamation after she wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post in 2018 about being a survivor of "sexual violence." Even though Heard didn't mention Depp by name, his legal team maintains that the article was clearly about him. They claim her accusations negatively impacted the actor's reputation and hampered his career prospects. Depp is demanding $50 million in damages.

The former couple has been slinging mud throughout two civil court proceedings. The first was during Depp's libel 2020 lawsuit against The Sun for branding him a "wife beater" after Heard's op-ed. Depp ultimately lost the suit against the newspaper, however, in his current defamation case against Heard, a moment in Heard's testimony has fans believing there may be an opposite outcome. 

During her time on the stand, Heard slipped up by mentioning Kate Moss in her testimony. By name-checking Depp's ex-girlfriend, it opened the door for Moss to be called as a witness for Depp's rebuttal. It was a potentially costly mistake by Heard, as Moss gave remote testimony on May 25 that seemed to squash the comparison of Depp's alleged abuse of Heard to a rumor about him doing the same to the British supermodel. Despite them splitting in 1998, Moss' testimony indicated she may still be #TeamJohnny. A body language expert reveals the telltale sign in Moss' testimony that might be game-changing in Depp's case.

Kate Moss finally addresses the stair-pushing rumors

Amber Heard testified in court that she once punched Johnny Depp in fear that he would shove her sister down the stairs like he did to his ex, Kate Moss. The supermodel, who hadn't previously been listed as a witness, appeared in court to address the decades-old, alleged stair incident. Austin Iuliano, a body language expert and public speaker who teaches C-Suite Executives how to be more charismatic on camera, reveals the first 30 seconds of Kate Moss' testimony made her testimony a game-changer for Depp.

"When she was asked two particular questions, where she is from and if she knew Johnny Depp," Iuliano explained of what he noticed in Moss' testimony. "In both those instances, you can see the genuine happy smile hit her eyes. This lends credence to her testimony in favor of Johnny. Typically if there are hard feelings and animosity from former lovers, you'd not see a happy smile when asked if you know someone." Moss testified that in the alleged incident, she'd slipped on a wet floor, slid down the stairs, and hurt her back. She said Depp carried her to their room and called for help. 

While Moss spoke, Heard sat with a mostly blank expression. Iuliano commented, "When Kate was asked how long she was in a relationship with Johnny, you can see Amber Heard have a physical reaction in her otherwise stoic persona." When Moss was asked why she'd chosen to testify, Heard's defense immediately interjected. "That's beyond the scope of what we just talked about," they insisted.