Why Fans Are Convinced Taylor Swift Is Going To Be On Grey's Anatomy

Taylor Swift and "Grey's Anatomy" go way back. Long before her enduring love story with actor Joe Alwyn and her honorary doctorate from New York University, Swift was just a budding pop star who loved "Grey's." She loved it so much, in fact, that she wrote a lengthy 2008 MySpace blog post (when that was still a thing) about "White Horse" playing during the Season 5 premiere. Referring to herself in the third person, Swift blogged that the news had her "jumping up and down and ... hugging people she didn't know." Swift even filmed her reaction to hearing her song on the two-hour premiere and it was nothing less than ecstatic. Swift also revealed that "Grey's" carried her through the time "her world was starting to change" and times when "she would feel alone or stressed out." 

Swift's loyalty to "Grey's" held steadfast through the years. In 2011, she named her newly adopted kitten "Meredith Grey" after Ellen Pompeo's titular character. "She's a gray cat, and... I love Grey's Anatomy!," Swift explained to Us Weekly at the time. Pompeo herself was also featured in Swift's star-studded video for her single "Bad Blood." 

Now that the long-running hospital drama is reaching a historic 400th episode with Season 18's finale, fans have found evidence suggesting Swift could make an appearance — in person this time.

Taylor Swift might play herself on the Grey's Anatomy season finale

Taylor Swift has trained her fanbase to sniff out even the smallest Easter Egg, so it's no surprise their sleuthing has discovered hints of an upcoming Swift cameo on "Grey's Anatomy." Eagle-eyed Swifties noticed that Swift was listed among the 400th episode's IMDb credits as "Self." "I think it's super cool that Taylor is gonna supposedly play herself in this... I mean, she is a doctor now," TheThriftySwiftie said in a May 23 TikTok.  

Interestingly, Vulture noted, Swift wasn't the only celebrity listed for the show's historic episode. The Muppets' Miss Piggy and "Waitress" star Colleen Ballinger (aka Miranda Sings) are also listed, leading Vulture to speculate if fans should expect a musical number in the Season 18 finale. Speaking to Extra in May about the 400th episode, "Grey's" titular star Ellen Pompeo addressed the possibility of a Swift cameo. "I think she's pretty busy," Pompeo responded, "but that would be fun. I would love it." 

This wouldn't be Swift's first cameo on network TV, though. The pop star made a scene-stealing turn as an oddly Swift-esque romantic, Elaine, on Fox's "New Girl" in 2013.