How Much Is Eiza González Actually Worth?

Eiza González is one of Hollywood hottest rising stars, thanks to her scene-stealing performance in 2017's "Baby Driver" and the 2021 hit "Godzilla vs. Kong." While some movie fans may just be getting to know González, she'd already had a successful show business career in her native Mexico for years before she landed high-profile gigs in American films. González has been performing since she was child, acting on several telenovelas, and at one point was even a Spanish pop star. These days though, González seems to be taking Tinseltown by storm, especially with her first starring role in Michael Bay's 2022 film "Ambulance."

Like many of her fellow movie stars, González's personal life has made headlines. The former Nickelodeon star has not only been romantically linked to actors Liam Hemsworth and Timothée Chalamet in the past, but as of May 2022, she was reportedly dating "Aquaman" star Jason Momoa, following his split from Lisa Bonet. An insider dished to People, "They've been spending time together when they can and making it work between their two busy schedules."

González seems to have quite the busy schedule indeed, between her acting career, her behind-the-scenes projects, and her work with brands. With that said, it should come as no surprise that González has a pretty impressive bank account. According to Celebrity Net Worth, as of 2022, González is worth $5 million. So how exactly has González accumulated that money? Let's break it down.

Eiza González has a money-making acting career

It's safe to say that Eiza González has made most of her millions from acting, as she's landed role after role since she was a kid. Evidently, leaving her home country to pursue a career in Hollywood paid off, but not without time and effort. As she said to Nexos Magazine (via Daily Mail), "It was not easy, but I have been fortunate to work consistently since the day I set foot in the United States." However, as she told Refinery29, she had to break away from being typecast as "the hot Latina." She recalled to the outlet, "I struggled slightly with being able to get out of a stereotype ...  especially the way that I started my career."

González was eventually able to show off her range with the 2020 Netflix comedy/drama "I Care A Lot" and 2019 blockbuster actioner "Hobbs & Shaw." Since 2019, The Numbers has listed González as one of the highest-grossing stars each year. 

González seemingly got another big-budget movie paycheck when Michael Bay hired her to star in his 2022 action film "Ambulance." "It's my first big female lead role," said in V Magazine. "It's all sort of surreal."

Eiza González found stardom as a teen

Eiza González has worked hard for her money for a long time. She started her career as just a young teen after getting discovered in acting school. The "Bloodshot" star had landed her first role in 2007 as the lead in the teen telenovela "Lola, érase una vez." She recalled to V Magazine, "I perfectly remember my first few auditions for my first job ever and how terrified I was." Since then, it's clearly been quite the journey. As González recounted, "I've been a child star, I've been a pop star... I've been a Nickelodeon girl."

Even as a kid, González was apparently serious about her career, briefly moving to New York City to attend the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute to hone her craft. According to Terra, she said at the time, "Before... they saw me as the new and silly girl who would turn 16, but lately, well-known people have given me a great opportunity, from acting on television to movies."

From there, González continued to appear in several Mexican TV series, before landing a starring role in Nickelodeon's "Sueña conmigo." Outside of the money, González was happy with the unique opportunities and experiences that have come with her acting career. As she told V Magazine, "I've sort of been living around the world for as long as I've known, and I think that I was really lucky."

Her singing career took off

While Eiza González is now clearly making bank as an actor, at one point the "Paradise Hills" star also earned an income as a singer. According to Hola!, that began when González showed off her musical talents in her first TV series "Lola, érase una vez," since the show included musical numbers and a soundtrack. 

González eventually took her music to the next level when she released an EP in 2009 called "Mi Destino Soy Yo," followed by her first studio album, "Contracorriente." González only released one single off that album though, because her Nickelodeon show "Sueña conmigo" kept her busy at the time with its own musical tour. By 2011, González decided to focus solely on her music and released her second album, "Te Acordarás De Mí," with Capitol Records that next year. While González 's stint as a pop star was pretty brief, it seemed to have been successful, considering her album charted in Mexico and her music videos got millions of views on YouTube.

Although González hasn't released music since then, she was able to sing in the 2021 animated movie "Spirit Untamed." She told People en Español that while she's put it on the back burner for her acting career, she would not be opposed to getting back to her music career one day.

Eiza González is a model too

As a teen, Eiza González launched an acting career, singing career, and, yes, a modeling career. Per Vail en Español Magazine, the "Welcome to Marwen" actor has been doing beauty endorsements since 2008 when she landed her first deal with Avon in Mexico. González had been the face of their Color Trend de Avon campaign and that next year did commercials for the skincare brand Asepxia, too.

In 2015, just two years after moving to the U.S., González then scored a major deal as the face of Neutrogena. The partnership was apparently extra special to González who used their products to treat acne. She said in People en Español at the time, "I feel proud [because] Neutrogena delivers and encourages teens to be confident in themselves. This is definitely a big step in my career."

Yet, what may have been even more exciting is when González became the first Latina ambassador for North America for the luxury brand Bulgari in 2022. For González, it meant more than just promoting a designer. She explained to Elle, "Growing up I had so much trouble seeing women like me in high-end brands, so for Bulgari to take action and allow the newer generations to feel like they have a chance is what matters to me." It also didn't hurt that the former pop singer was a fan of their jewelry. "Their staple pieces are so elegant that they elevate whatever you're wearing," she gushed.

How Eiza González spends her cash

At this point, it's evident that Eiza González knows how to bring in cash, but what's also interesting is how the "Love Spreads" star spends it. It seems that one of those ways is on jewelry and honestly, who can blame a girl? She dished to Elle, "From necklaces to multiple earrings, I love spicing up my outfits. I'm a gold jewelry kind of girl on a daily basis but love silver and white gold." Yet, it's not just jewels that González is into, since from the looks of her Instagram, she's all about designer clothes too. She often posts photos of her outfits from high-end designers like Givenchy, Fendi, and Prada, and makes a point to tag the brand. 

In addition to shopping for glamorous goods, González likes to spend money on travel. As she told Elle, "My favorite places to visit are Hawaii and Italy."

González apparently doesn't mind dropping money on impressive real estate either. According to the New York Post, she spends $8,300 a month for a gorgeous condo in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. Not only does the apartment boast stunning city views and beautiful finishings, but the building itself contains several pools, as well as its own spa and park. When it came to her new place, González told V Magazine in May 2022, "I really didn't get the chance to fully experience it yet but I love it." Hey, what's not to love?

The former Nickelodeon star's behind-the-scenes work

It seems Eiza González doesn't want to only rely on acting to make an income so she branched out to work behind-the-scenes as well. In August 2021, Deadline reported that she's doing this specifically as a producer in an upcoming movie about Mexican movie star Maria Felix, which she'll also star in. As for why it's special to be able to do both, she said, "I've always believed her life needs to be seen around the world, for people to learn more about how society depicts successful and driven women."

When it comes to producing, González gushed to V Magazine, "When I'm in the producer seat, I'm watching movies...discovering directors, DPs, and writers, and it's just unbelievable to discover so much talent around the globe." She went on to share that she's made a point of using her own platform to hire and promote other women working in the film industry. 

González also told the outlet that she'd like to get into the directing game herself — but that doesn't mean she wants to stop acting either. In fact, she revealed that spending time in London in 2022 has made her want to get back to treading the boards. "The theater is just magical and allows you to be free as an actor and I really want to focus on that," she said.

Eiza González on her success

Eiza González is obviously a very successful woman, yet her goals apparently weren't to make the most money or to be the biggest star. As she said in V Magazine, "I [was] always guided by passion. ... I never had Hollywood as a goal — I was just always inspired by art." Opening up about how her upbringing impacted her drive to succeed, she stated, "I was always pushing myself a bit further, especially [since I] grew up in a country like Mexico which conditioned me [in what] I couldn't do as a woman."

González has also said that dealing with her father's death at the age of 12 prompted her to follow her dreams at a young age. She explained to Milenio, "That in my life has been very difficult to overcome... but that has given me the strength to move forward, because it made me mature." In an interview with Nexos Magazine (via Daily Mail), credited her mother as an inspiration as well, noting that her mom is someone who has shown her how to go after what she wants. 

These days, González is the one inspiring others by sharing what she's learned on her way to the top, noting that obstacles are just a part of the process. As she said in V Magazine, "So if you are already letting ... failure dictate your art ... there's no room for growth. ... You have to be open to being redirected and always learning."

Eiza González gives back

Eiza González has done well for herself, she's eager to take that fame and use it to give back to others. In 2020, González put her huge social media following to good use by promoting small businesses that were struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. She explained to People, "It's important to help the locals right now as much as we possibly can." The "Baby Driver" actor also happens to be involved with the organization Baby2Baby, a nonprofit that provides support for mothers and babies who live in poverty. According to the Daily Mail, she was one of the famous faces at the organization's 2021 holiday party.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, González promoted Ukrainian businesses and designers on her Instagram. According to Hola!, in one post she not only wore a Ukrainian designer, but encouraged fans to donate. "Beautiful self owned small brands across Ukraine are truly struggling," she wrote. "So it was really crucial for us to shed light on them."

When it comes to giving back, González told People, "I do charity 365 days a year. ... I do think that's the power we have as public people. It's speaking up and using our voice for the best and for the better." You can't put a price on that.