The Untold Truth Of Timothee Chalamet

While some people might argue we're currently in the midst of a "Keanusance" (Keanu Reeves Renaissance), let's not kid ourselves; it's the age of Timothée Chalamet and everyone knows it. The floppy-haired boy wonder skyrocketed to stardom with his role in 2018's Call Me By Your Name. While co-star Armie Hammer perfectly portrayed the older Oliver in the Oscar-winning film adaptation — which chronicles the duo's passionate, formative, peach-biting romance over one Italian summer — it was newcomer Chalamet who stole the show as Elio. With a magentic, vulnerable performance, GQ even heralded him a "once-in-a-generation talent." As a result, Chalamet became, per VMAN, the youngest actor to be nominated for the Best Actor Oscar in 80 years.

He fireplace-stared himself into a meme, was interviewed by the elusive Frank Ocean, and starred alongside Saoirse Ronan in 2018's Ladybird. With two solid, differentiating performances in one year — playing, per Chalamet, a "douchebag" high schooler in Greta Gerwig's equally acclaimed directorial debut — Chalamet has become a household name.

Chalamet kept the momentum going with starring roles in 2019's Little Women and Denis Villeneuve's upcoming adaptation of Frank Herbert's classic novel Dune. (The star-studded first trailer, which features Chalamet alongside fellow powerhouse Zendaya, dropped on Sept. 9, 2020.) Thanks to his acting chops, distinct look, and affinity for top-notch roles, Chalamet's stock has only continued to rise (controversial moments notwithstanding). Here's everything you need to know, and maybe even some things you don't, about actor Timothée Chalamet.

Timothée Chalamet's original career path might seem unexpected

Timothée Chalamet, who, according to Biography, began appearing in film and TV roles while in high school, was simultaneously pursuing a different career path: hip-hop. Yup! While attending the prestigious Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for Music & Art in New York City — other alums include Jennifer Aniston, Ansel Elgort, Nicki Minaj, and Awkwafina, per Insider — the star was rapping under the alias Lil' Timmy Tim. 

It's no wonder Chalamet went to dinner with Kid Kudi and was so excited to be interviewed by Frank Ocean. According to The Cut, Chalamet — we mean Lil' Timmy Tim — took his school talent show by storm (there's evidence on YouTube!) and filmed a music video under his rap pseudonym about how much he loved his high school statistics teacher Mrs. Lawton that you must see to believe. "I did it with a friend on a green screen in school, and I was gonna Photoshop my teacher's face in, but I got too lazy, so now ... I'm pointing around and there's nothing," he told Graham Norton about the "Statistics, Yo" music video in 2019. 

Apparently one student especially liked Chalamet's stylings. While at LaGuardia, according to Pop Buzz, Chalamet dated pop superstar Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, for a number of years. Or maybe it wasn't his rapping that impressed her, but the fact that, thanks to his French-born father, Chalamet is fluent in French, even holding his own on French talk shows. Impressive! 

Timothée Chalamet faced backlash for working with Woody Allen

Timothée Chalamet has made some smart movie choices throughout his brief career, teaming up with industry veterans like Christopher Nolan. (Chalamet had a small part in 2014's Interstellar.) However, the young actor did align with one director that invited backlash: Woody Allen. In the midst of the #MeToo movement, Chalamet's turn in Allen's delayed 2019 film A Rainy Day in New York drew much criticism, as Allen faced sexual assault allegations of his own. 

But Chalamet did not take the backlash sitting down. Instead, Chalamet donated his "entire salary" from the film to organizations like TIME'S UP, the LGBT Center in New York, and RAINN. "This year has changed the way I see and feel about so many things; it has been a thrilling and, at times, enlightening education," Chalamet wrote on Instagram. "I have, to this point, chosen projects from the perspective of a young actor trying to walk in the footsteps of more seasoned actors I admire. But I am learning that a good role isn't the only criteria for accepting a job". 

It's also worth mentioning another surprising role that Chalamet didn't get. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor tried out for the role of Marvel's Spiderman, which ultimately went to Tom Holland. "I read twice and I left sweating in a total panic," he told THR in 2018. In another world, Lil' Timmy Tim would be in the Spidey suit, not a reported Call Me By Your Name sequel!

Timothee Chalamet puts his personal life on full display

Meanwhile, Timothée Chalamet's dating history has been noteworthy, as well. In September 2019, the star made waves when photographed intensely smooching then-girlfriend Lily-Rose Depp, the daughter of actor Johnny Depp) on a boat in Italy. The cringe-y photos of the bathing suit-clad lovebirds were far from spared online, with Harpers Bazaar calling it "the best meme on the internet." One Twitter user wrote, "lily-rose depp giving timothee chalamet a straightup dementor's kiss." Eek!

After the two went their separate ways in April 2020 after two years of dating, according to Elle, Chalamet spared no time getting back in the game. According to TMZ, in June 2020, Chalamet was spotted making out with Mexican actress Eiza González in Cabo San Lucas. Chalamet even supposedly whipped out a guitar to serenade his new flame. The pair, who've kept hush about their romance, have since been spotted together in Los Angeles, according to Vanity Fair.

Chalamet also has an adorable friendship with frequent co-star Saoirse Ronan. "It's so rare with Saoirse — I'm so f***ing grateful to get to work with her," Chalamet told Entertainment Weekly in 2019. Plus, his sister Pauline Chalamet is also in the biz, nabbing the major role as Joanne in Pete Davidson's 2020 film The King of Staten Island. Now that there are two Chalamet's in the ring, it sounds like our screens definitely won this round! We can't wait to see what's ahead for Hollywood's brightest stars.