Where Will Anna Duggar Live During Josh's Prison Sentence?

Anna Duggar has many decisions to make after her husband, Josh Duggar, was sentenced to prison for receiving and possessing child sex abuse material. Anna and her seven children have been in limbo since Josh's April 2021 arrest, but now that the sentencing is over, many fans want to know what comes next for Josh's wife. On May 17, Cousin Amy Duggar King wrote a poignant letter on Instagram to Josh's wife, offering a blunt but helpful hand: "If no one else in your life is saying it, I need you to understand that there is no shame in divorcing Josh." Amy ended her long open letter: "The only people you would upset by leaving are the ones willing to sacrifice you and your children's safety to protect Josh and his secrets."

An inside source claimed to InTouch, "Everyone feels sympathy for Anna, she's been living in a bad dream, and she needs a wake-up call." The insider added, "Anna wasn't shocked. She is relieved that it's over though." The U.S. Sun reported Anna and Jim Bob showed very little emotion after the verdict and that Anna "stormed out of the court" after her husband's sentencing. Before the verdict was read, the judge commented on Josh's continued claims he was innocent. U.S. District Judge Timothy L. Brooks said, "I find it aggravating about the lack of responsibility."

Considering Josh's sentence is for 12 years and seven months, it's fair to wonder where Anna and the couple's seven kids will live during this time — and it appears in addition to Cousin Amy's support, she also has a potential place to call home.

Did Jim Bob and Michelle extend an invite to Anna?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar want Anna Duggar and the kids to live with them in Arkansas while Josh is in prison, as a source claimed to InTouch. The insider said of Anna,"It will be interesting to see what she decides to do. Now comes the hard decision, whether to stay and wait for Josh to come out or start her life over without him." If Anna does wait it out, the source noted how some of her kids "will be grown with possibly children of their own" by that time.

Then are other complications: According to the U.S. Sun, after Josh is released from prison, he'll serve 20 more years of probation, and the terms of probation don't bode well for raising a family. Josh has been barred from unsupervised visits with all minors, including his children. Of course, Anna might change her mind about sticking with Josh in the next 12 years.

Although we can't get into Anna's mind, it's safe to assume she'll lie low for the foreseeable future. The last time she took to social media was on February 3, when she claimed there was "more to the story" about Josh's conviction. Not-so-surprisingly, comments were turned off on the post.

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