Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Family Is About To Get Bigger

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is most well known for his role as Mitchell Pritchett in the hit show "Modern Family." According to IMDb, the series ran from 2009 through 2020, and the series quite literally launched Ferguson into superstardom while making him a household name. On the show, Ferguson and his partner, Cam Tucker, adopted a daughter named Lily, and it was fun to see that family dynamic play out.

In real life, Ferguson is married to Justin Mikita. "I was taken by how handsome he was and how sweet," Ferguson told Variety about their first meeting in a locker room. "I started asking questions about him, and I think he was sort of thrown off by that and ran away from me." The two kept in touch and connected later, and the rest is history. According to Us Weekly, the pair tied the knot in 2013 in Manhattan. Several celebs were in attendance at the event, including some of Ferguson's "Modern Family" co-stars like Julie Bowen. 

The couple waited for a little while to expand their family, but they welcomed their first son Beckett the same year the show ended. Ferguson announced the news on Instagram on July 20, 2020. "7 years ago today I married you. Two weeks ago I got to see you become a dad," he wrote while sending anniversary wishes to Mikita. "Beckett is so lucky to have you, and so am I," he added. Now, he's sharing another big announcement with fans.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson gushes over happy news

Baby will make four for Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita. On May 27, Ferguson took to Instagram to share an adorable video revealing some really exciting news. The video started with Ferguson saying that with all the bad news in the world lately, he wanted to give a little bit of good news. "We're expecting number 2!" the actor wrote in the caption. "Our growing family will be a family of four later this fall! We are so excited for Beckett to have a sibling." 

The star continued, writing that he and Mikita "are heartbroken at the attacks all over the country," referencing recent mass shootings, both in Uvalde and Buffalo, as well as "state attacks on our transgender family and an onslaught of attacks on women's reproductive health." Ferguson also plugged a few organizations near and dear to his heart before reiterating how happy he was to welcome another child. "We are so excited to have a little one joining our growing family — and so proud to support the choice to do it," he wrote. Several fans and fellow celebs took to the comments, including Elizabeth Banks. "Honey you are GOOD," she wrote.

Ferguson shares photos and videos of his adorable son, Beckett, from time to time, and it's easy to see he loves the role of dad. "I can be in a bad mood and seeing him super excited, kicking and smiling, it just immediately lifts my spirits," he told People in 2021. Adorable!