Here's How Much Sydney Sweeney Is Really Worth

Actor and newly minted beauty and fashion icon Sydney Sweeney has been in the entertainment business for quite some time now, but thanks to some of her supporting roles in a few of the most popular television shows in the last few years, she's risen to superstardom.

Sweeney, who grew up in Spokane, Washington, is reportedly engaged to restaurateur Jonathan Divino, heir to Pompeii Pizza Company, but she doesn't need the income of a partner, as she can fully support herself. The actor's endeavors have built her quite the net worth — a reported $5 million — which we imagine is only going to continue growing as she keeps landing roles in some of Hollywood's biggest productions.

But Sweeney is more than just an actor, and her net worth reflects that. She's a talented multi-hyphenate who's worked for all 5 million of her dollars, and she's only just getting started. Here's how much Sydney Sweeney is really worth.

Sydney Sweeney's earned a lot through TV

Fans are probably most familiar with Sydney Sweeney from her role in "Euphoria," HBO's hit teen drama that has an addictive quality worth writing dissertations on. For Sweeney, the show is likely less addictive and more lucrative.

The star makes an estimated $25,000 per episode, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and assuming she reprises her role as Cassie in the upcoming third season, she'll likely rake in at least that, if not more, given her tenure on the show and its popularity. If "Euphoria" continues with their 10-episode seasons, Sweeney can presumably plan to walk away with at least $250,000.

Sweeney's been seen in other shows, too, like "Pretty Little Liars," "Grey's Anatomy," "Sharp Objects," and "The White Lotus," all of which she could've made anywhere from $9,000 per week to $25,000 per episode, according to Backstage, though her prolific credentials weren't always a guarantee. As she noted to GQ, "A casting director told me once that I will never be on a TV show. ... Now I'm on some of the biggest TV shows in the world."

She rakes it in through movies, too

You won't just find Sydney Sweeney on the silver screen. The HBO actor has appeared in feature films, too, like "Big Time Adolescence" and "Clementine."

One of Sweeney's most prominent films was Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood," which starred mega celebrities Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Margot Robbie. While Sweeney probably didn't get billed what her co-stars got, she very well could've walked away with $150,000 for her work, as noted by Business Insider.

For Sweeney, though, the payment is in the experience of working with her co-stars. "You know when you dream of working with these incredible actors and you're like, 'Oh my gosh, it's going to take me years to get this off [my] bucket list,' and all of a sudden you walk into set and every single person on that list is there? 'Once [Upon a Time in ... Hollywood]' was that," she told Coveteur. We likely would've felt the same.

She also models

In 2022, actors (or anyone else with a high follower account on Instagram) are not just actors. They automatically become influencers simply by having a high follower count on social media, just as Sydney Sweeney does. Sweeney currently has over 13 million followers on Instagram, which automatically sets her up for a lucrative side hustle.

And Sweeney has taken full advantage of it. The actor has posted photos on Instagram for brands like Miu Miu, which could garner her over $150,000 per post due to her high follower count, as noted by The Economist.

Sweeney's also teamed up with other notable designers, like Tory Burch. The actor is an ambassador for the brand, which she's been a fan of since she was a child. Sweeney shared with Vogue, "In third grade, my best friend got us matching Tory headbands for Christmas. ... I was so excited I wore that headband every day for weeks. I'm sure my mom thought something was wrong with me, but it was the first nice thing I'd ever had. Growing up in a small town, you'd see Tory's store [in the mall], and that was where everyone wanted to be able to shop."

Sydney Sweeney has an expensive beauty routine

And just what does Sydney Sweeney do with all of her money? She invests in skin care and makeup. Though her routine is not quite as intense as her character Cassie's is on "Euphoria," hers is one to covet. Sweeney took to Vogue to share her skin care and makeup routine, and some of her products include a $30 exfoliator and a $37 sunscreen. Being a famous actor is apparently not cheap.

Sweeney noted how working in television has changed her makeup routine, adding, "I've become more confident with makeup because of 'Euphoria.'"

Sweeney also often has to spend money on red carpet looks. When she attended her first Met Gala, Sweeney's hair stylist shared with Seventeen exactly how he achieved her look, revealing some of the products he used, including a $279 blow dryer. While we don't know whether she purchased it herself or her hair stylist brought it, we do know that it was expensive.

She's got a lot of cars

Sydney Sweeney is a woman of many talents, and she spends copious amounts of her spare time restoring vintage cars. It's a good thing she's earning a lot in her acting work, because it's not a cheap habit. Her most publicized restoration to date is a 1969 Ford Bronco and, according to J.D. Power, the car could've cost her anywhere from $38,000 to $137,000 to purchase. She's also restoring a 1967 Ford Mustang, which could've cost her anywhere from $30,000 to $42,300.

Restoring cars isn't just an expensive habit for Sweeney, it's a passion, and something she's very proud of. As she told Harper's Bazaar, "I think people just have to not be afraid of putting themselves in a male dominated environment ... you only learn if you are there and you're putting yourself there, so I think if we just support women and push them to try harder and challenge themselves, we'll get there."

Sweeney documents her progress on TikTok, noting in her bio that she's "working on my dream vintage car."

Sydney Sweeney comes from a humble background

Sydney Sweeney did not have an easy road to stardom. She had to fight to get roles like any actor, but her struggle was compounded with familial tension at home. Sweeney had to convince her parents to let her become an actor through hard facts, and created a business plan to convince them to let her attempt her dream career.

As Sweeney told The Independent, "I'm really thankful to my parents. They sacrificed almost everything. They had to leave their home they've been in for their entire lives. LA is 10 times more expensive than where I grew up. All the financial stress, family stress, had a lot of wear and tear on us and my parents ended up getting divorced."

Though she might've exaggerated a bit on the figures, she is right that Los Angeles is far more expensive than other places. Zillow reports that the average value of a home in Los Angeles, California, is nearly $1,000,000, while the average value in her hometown of Spokane, Washington is just over $400,000. Sweeney's parents lost their family home, and because of it she said, "I try to give back as much as I can."

She's involved in charity work

Sydney Sweeney is not one to hoard her cash, though. The actor is very generous with her earnings, and she's used some to improve her hometown of Spokane, Washington. In December 2020, Sweeney donated $12,000 to her hometown to fund meals for those in need as a part of a 12 days of Christmas campaign, the money going to various restaurants and homeless shelters.

Sweeney's generosity is proof that kindness is contagious, and after donating $12,000, various local groups followed suit, adding $36,000, for a total of $48,000 going to those in need, according to the Spokane County Times.

In 2022, Sweeney attended another major charity event, the Met Gala, which raises money for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute. Tickets to the swanky soirée cost a reported $35,000 each. The star wore a custom Tory Burch gown to the event, and as she told Vogue, "The moment I found out that I was going to be able to go to the Met with Tory, I think that it was just this surreal moment because the whole thing does not feel real."

Sydney Sweeney was pursuing a degree

Acting isn't Sydney Sweeney's only strong point. The "Euphoria" star is also a dedicated student who was pursuing a degree until her acting career got in the way of her studies.

As she shared with Drew Barrymore, she was unable to take her final due to missing so many days of school, despite maintaining high grades while simultaneously filming a hit television show. Sweeney kept a good attitude about the situation, though, and noted to Barrymore that she could see herself pursuing a law degree. We hope she didn't have to pay for the credit she didn't earn, as college costs are quite hefty — anywhere from $10,740 to $38,070 per year on average.

And why exactly does Sweeney want to study something other than acting? As she told MTV, "That way when I go to school for business and I get a contract for $20 million, I can read that contract myself and not get f***ed over." We admire her moxie.

She bought a house

Actor Sydney Sweeney started 2022 off by making a major purchase — a house. Per Dirt, Sweeney purchased a home in Westwood, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, for $3 million. The home is 3,200 square feet and was built in 1933.

And though we presume the home is beautiful, Sweeney has been putting her own touch on it. She told Teen Vogue, "I've been able to give it my love. It makes me feel like I'm [in my childhood home] when I'm doing that kind of stuff."

The stuff she's referring to is applying wallpaper and learning how to complete remodels herself. Given her ability to restore cars, we're not surprised she's handy enough to take on home renovations, too. She noted that she's been watching her parents remodel their home since she was a kid, as they continued doing so until they moved to Los Angeles, and that she's a fan of HGTV and "Property Brothers."

Sydney Sweeney owns a production company

Sydney Sweeney does not have plans to slow down anytime soon. The actor is not only continuing to pursue acting jobs, but she also started her own production company, Fifty-Fifty Films. Sweeney's first project is an adaptation of the novel "They Wish They Were Us,” which she is starring in alongside Halsey, per GQ.

The actor wants to work with female authors, noting, "Being able to make a dream of theirs that they didn't think was possible for years and years happen, is amazing — to never put a limit on what their capabilities are because they're female, or their age, or that background. ... I'm a big advocate for making sure everybody's voice is heard."

And starting a production company is no cheap feat. As Investopedia notes, it costs, on average, $65 million to produce a film. But the rewards can be huge, and with Sweeney's rising star power, we can only assume she'll be successful.