Love Is Blind Season 3 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

The world is obsessed with dating shows — that much is true. Season after season, we've tuned into popular programs like "The Bachelor," "90 Day Fiance," and "Love Island" to watch strangers fall in love in the shortest amount of time possible. That is until Netflix's "Love Is Blind" came along and showed us how much more exciting courtship could be outside the typical dating show format.

To the uninitiated, "Love Is Blind" is a hit dating series where contestants attempt to match with people they can't even see yet. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the contestants go on literal "blind" dates while inside their respective soundproofed "pods" and discern whether they like one another from conversations alone. Once they find a match, they get engaged and finally have the opportunity to see each other on a honeymoon-type vacation. If the couple clicks even after the honeymoon, they're given four weeks to go back to real life and introduce their partners to family and friends, all while planning their imminent wedding. After a whole month, they then decide whether they want to say "I Do" to each other or not.

Most people find the format completely absurd, but that's what makes the show exciting in the first place. According to Netflix, 30 million viewers watched the first season of the show, and it's likely that the viewership has increased over time, given how it's been renewed over and over again, with Season 3 set to be released "sooner than you think," at least per the streaming giant.

When will Love Is Blind Season 3 premiere?

The second season of "Love Is Blind" premiered in February 2022, much to the delight of fans everywhere. Since Season 3 had already been announced ahead of time, many assumed we wouldn't get to watch it until next year, but according to Netflix, the third season will be "premiering later this year." There's no word as to the exact date just yet, but it's likely to be released in the second half of the year.

The streaming site also assured fans that "Love Is Blind: After The Altar" is slated to be released this year, so you can finally get an update as to what happened to the Season 2 couples. After bingeing the season, fans will finally know what their favorite couples have been up to since the show aired, including Deepti and Natalie and Jarrette and Iyanna. 

While there's no release date yet for either "Love Is Blind" Season 3 or "Love Is Blind: After The Altar," Netflix suggests fans divert their attention to spinoffs "Love Is Blind: Brazil" and "Love Is Blind: Japanto get your fix as you wait.

What to expect from Love Is Blind Season 3

There will be a shorter wait between the sophomore and third seasons of "Love Is Blind" because the upcoming season was filmed shortly after they wrapped the second season.

Speaking with Metro, series creator Chris Coelen confirmed that filming for it has finished. "Yes, we've already filmed season three," he said. "Every season is totally unique. Season three is a very different being than either season one or season two." Variety also confirmed that Season 3 was filmed in Dallas, Texas. It will also likely follow the same format as the first two seasons, with the contestants finding the perfect match inside their respective "pods."

As for exactly who we can expect to tune see? Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to release the contestants or a trailer to give us a glimpse of the new couples. But if there's one thing you can anticipate, it's that there will be a whole lot of seasons to come. "I think we'll be doing season 20," Coelen told Variety. Bring it on!

Who will be on Love is Blind Season 3?

Netflix continues to remain mum about the roster of contestants for "Love Is Blind" Season 3, but you can rest assured that both Nick and Vanessa Lachey will return as hosts. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the couple echoed Chris Coelen's statement that the third season has wrapped up filming. "I don't know am I allowed to say? We shot season three already," Vanessa said.

As far as casting goes, fans can probably expect to see a more diverse set of personalities, seeing as the first two seasons drew criticism for their lack of body diversity. Fortunately, Coelen was receptive to the woes of viewers and told the Los Angeles Times that they're making an effort to make the show more diverse and inclusive.

"Both Season 1 and Season 2, we really tried to have a diverse pool of participants in every sense of what that word means — whether it's experience or body type or ethnicity or whatever," he explained. "There's only so many people that we showed."