Kelly Dodd's Bold Claim About Harry Hamlin Is Sure To Raise Eyebrows

Things aren't looking so hot for reality star Todd Chrisley

On May 23, Chrisley's former business partner Mark Braddock testified in court that he assisted Todd in falsifying documents meant for bank loans because the pair were carrying on an intimate relationship in the early 2000s. "We had a personal relationship of an intimate nature," Braddock revealed in court, per Business Insider. "I would do whatever he needed to get done." Braddock also testified that both he and Chrisley used money out of Chrisley's business bank account to pay off a blackmailer who claimed to have knowledge of their fraudulent activity as well as their extramarital relationship and threatened to come forth with it. As you may recall, Chrisley has been married to his wife, Julie, who also appears on the family's famous reality television show, "Chrisley Knows Best" since 1996, per Page Six

Alas, now former "Real Housewives of Orange County" cast member Kelly Dodd has entered the group chat with her own hot take... and spoiler alert — it doesn't involve anyone in the Chrisley family.

Kelly Dodd insinuated that Harry Hamlin is gay

Following Mark Braddock's bombshell testimony in the federal court case involving both Todd and Julie Chrisley, controversial reality television personality Kelly Dodd has her own prediction.

In the comments section of an Instagram reel by Page Six that discussed the latest development and Mark Braddock's shocking testimony, Dodd alleged, "Harry Hamlin is next," along with the laughing face emoji. (Just in case you're new here: Harry Hamlin is an accomplished A-list actor and just so happens to be married to "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Rinna.) As one can imagine, the backlash was swift following Dodd's accusation, and many flooded the post to call Dodd out for the tasteless comment. "Find something else to do with your time kelly," one Instagram user wrote. Meanwhile, another penned "Not funny at all.. even if it is true to out someone like that is sick.. Kelly what's in your closet dear..."

Still, the best response came straight from Lisa Rinna's famous lips. "Good morning to kelly Dodd and Kelly Dodd only" Rinna penned in a post on her Instagram Stories along with a photo of herself with a beard photoshopped in seemingly referencing the American slang term for someone who either knowingly or unknowingly carries on a relationship with another person who is attempting to conceal their sexual orientation. Oof. Let's not talk about the husband.