Leah Remini Takes Sharp Aim At Tom Cruise Once Again

When it comes to speaking her mind on topics she is passionate about, Leah Remini is an open book. The star is most well-known for starring in hits like "The King of Queens," but she's also made plenty of headlines for her past involvement in the Church of Scientology. According to Insider, the actor left the church in 2013. Before her exit, she was a longtime followerand had been a member of the church for 30 years.

In an interview with "20/20," Remini opened up about her breakup with the organization, and she placed a lot of the blame on Tom Cruise and his involvement with the church, calling him out for getting into arguments with Brooke Shields and Matt Lauer. When Remini spoke out against the actor, she said the church didn't like it. "So you then become guilty," she said in the interview. "So being critical of Tom Cruise is being critical of Scientology itself ... You are a person who is anti-the aims and goals of Scientology. You are evil." Remini also told the outlet that the church tried to separate her from BFF and non-Scientologist, Jennifer Lopez by making them take separate cars and sit at separate tables at events like Cruise's wedding. "They were always trying to extract me," she said. "I could only assume because they wanted to make Jennifer a Scientologist, and maybe I was barring that road for them."

Now, Remini is taking aim at Cruise again by reposting a TikTok video that slams the actor.

Leah Remini slams Tom Cruise

Leah Remini is holding nothing back when it comes to her views of Tom Cruise and his involvement with the Church of Scientology. On the heels of the premiere of Cruise's highly-anticipated film "Top Gun: Maverick," Remini took to social media to share her thoughts on the controversial star. The actor posted a TikTok video from another user that began with a clip of Miles Teller gushing over Cruise. "Oh is this what we're doing now? We just completely forgot about the fact that he's in Scientology?" TikTok user @skchgo said, asking if we were going to "forget about Leah Remini" and the stories she told about Cruise. "We're going to leave out all the things that Scientology has done to people. We're going to play that game because Tom Cruise gave you a little bit of attention and made you feel special," she continued.

The TikTok user went on to say that Cruise is in "a cult," and he's trying to make people think "he's normal." In the reposted clip, Remini said that she "couldn't have said it better myself." The post earned plenty of comments from Remini's followers. "​​I will not watch any movie he is in," one person wrote. "Omg I've been screaming this over and over again at anyone who brings up the subject of Tom Cruise/Top gun – so frustrating!" another chimed in.

Leah Remini also has a docuseries "Scientology and the Aftermath" streaming on Netflix.