Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Opening Up About Her Inclusive Parenting Style

Sarah Michelle Gellar has revealed how she is raising her children to be accepting and compassionate humans. 

The "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star shares two children with fellow actor Freddie Prinze Jr. named Charlotte and Rocky, per Hello Magazine. Gellar is purposeful with parenting her kids in a way that instills strong morals and values in them. In October 2021, she opened up to Very Well Family about her hands-on motherhood techniques. "Helping others also helps you," she explained. "I lead by example with my kids to show them that we are very fortunate, and there are lots of ways we can give back."

In September 2021, while speaking with Us Weekly, Gellar stated that her children, who were 11 and 9 at the time, were not yet allowed to have social media accounts. "They're not allowed at this point," she explained. "That is a huge responsibility ... My son doesn't care. My daughter is definitely curious, but we've explained that these are our rules and different families have different rules." She went on to share a life lesson that the happy mom told her children — one that they can proudly stand behind.

Sarah Michelle Gellar teaches her kids that 'everything needs to be about inclusivity'

Sarah Michelle Gellar teaches her children about the value in developing an open-minded attitude towards others. Gellar recently did an interview with People about her role in the "Taste So Good" music video for a Pride month campaign by Cann and Weedmaps. 

During the chat, she detailed how she explains to her two kids, Charlotte and Rocky, what the important things in life are. "I think everything needs to be about inclusivity," Gellar said. "We're so busy labeling and putting people in buckets. And it's not about that."

Gellar and her family members live in Los Angeles, so she noted that he's happy her kids are in "a big city where they've always understood since they were little that some people have two dads, some people have two moms, some people have only one parent." In their household, Gellar said, they "base [their] opinions on people and their actions." 

In the past, Gellar has also shown she is a parent who is accepting of going against traditional gender norms, such as when she documented taking her son to the nail salon and both of them getting their nails painted in 2018, per LGBTQ Nation. Mom for the win!