Inside Tamron Hall's Marriage

If you've watched any of NBC News' national broadcasts between the years 2007 and 2017, then you probably saw a lot of Tamron Hall, who worked on the network for a decade. There's a good chance that you sipped your morning coffee while watching her on "Today" as well, since she began appearing on that show in 2014. And if you're a talk show kind of person, it wouldn't be surprising if you took in the "Tamron Hall Show," which debuted in 2019.

But with all the fame and TV time the Texas native has racked up, it doesn't mean that a lot is known about her life. Put it like this, Hall married music manager Steven Greener and had a son named Moses before the public was even aware of it. Then, once Greener's name was out, there was still a lot of mystery surrounding the marriage.

Thankfully, we here at Nicki Swift like to unearth the kind of info that celebs hide. So for this one, we'll learn a little bit more about Greener and how he and Hall became a couple. So, sit back and get comfortable, as we peek inside Tamron Hall's marriage.

Tamron Hall was heavily pursued

He just kept showing up wherever she was. That's how Steven Greener went from Tamron Hall's friend, to her boyfriend to her husband. She told the story of how they met while co-hosting "Live with Kelly and Ryan" in 2019.

"We knew each other for about four years, and he would run into me and kept saying, 'What are the odds?' And I'm like, 'Well, because you're stalking me ... odds are high," she recalled. "He said he was hitting on me, but his game was not up to par ... Then two years ago, I was at a pool in Los Angeles ... So he walks out to the pool ... he sat down next to me on the chaise lounge and I said 'Let me scoot over, I don't know you' ... All of a sudden, he asked me out for pizza ... and he said let's get married, and I'm like 'Okay."

But it wasn't like the couple went from that chaise lounge to the altar, despite it sounding like that. In actuality, they started living together three weeks after that pool-side meeting, which Hall had to keep from her mother, Mary Newton. That's because Hall said that her mom has old-school southern values, and that's why she told her that Greener was just visiting whenever she came to town. 

She kept her husband and baby a secret

In the era when it's commonplace for celebrities to share all kinds of personal information on social media, some may be taken aback when one chooses to be totally private. Tamron Hall is a celeb who keeps much of her personal life under wraps because she kept her marriage to Steven Greener a total secret. Plus, there was one other little detail that she hid from the public: That she and Greener were expecting.

Hall shared the major news in two Instagram posts in March of 2019. One post was a video that showed her dancing to the song "Baby Shark," right before revealing a baby bump. The announcement that she tied the knot came in a separate Instagram message, which displayed two more baby bump photos. Hall also shared a pic of her and Greener on a boat together. "I've wanted to share this news for many months and now finally my doctor has said I am in a safe place, at 32 weeks, to share my joy with y'all. So, it's clear a daytime talk show isn't the only thing I've been trying to produce!" Hall wrote in one of the posts. "There have been many tears, but today I embrace the smiles. My husband Steven and I are beyond excited." 

Perhaps it's not surprising that a bunch of congrats and well-wishes flooded Hall's Instagram page soon afterward.

Tamron needed to 'protect' her marriage

So, not only was Tamron Hall super private about being married before announcing it, she maintained that down-low approach afterward. It's easy to tell because she doesn't post many pictures of her husband Steven Greener on social media. For example, in the first five months of 2021, she only shared about three couple photos and one of them was for Valentine's Day

And you can forget about the talk show host sharing videos of her and Greener being all lovey-dovey because she simply doesn't do it. Hall doesn't post a bunch of romantic messages to her husband on social media either, which other celebs tend to do on occasion. 

One time, the mother-of-one spoke about the importance of shielding her marriage from the public, while explaining that she never hid Greener. "I think today, people mistake privacy for secrecy," she told People in 2019. "People say he's my 'secret husband.' But we were going everywhere together; it was just a private thing I needed to protect." We hear you, Tamron!

She made a promise with her husband in Anguilla

One certainly doesn't have to be a relationship expert to know that being married can be harder than trigonometry. So when waters get choppy, some couples remember their wedding vows to help steer them back on course, while others may choose to go on a quick getaway.

But Tamron Hall and Steven Greener use a promise that they made to each other in Anguilla to stay solid as a couple. It was on their very first vacation together and the vow has to do with always staying united while never wronging each other. Plus, Hall said Greener has never forgotten that promise, and it's helped them tremendously in their marriage. In fact, Hall told Good Housekeeping that she and her husband knew they would face some unique challenges as a couple, so they wanted to add an extra safety measure.

"We're an interracial couple, we're both older parents, he's from the Bronx, I'm from Texas, that alone is a divide," said the longtime journalist. "We knew we wanted to prepare ourselves for what this exciting journey would bring."

Tamron Hall and Steven Greener want to pass on tradition

Based on numbers gathered for the 2020 United States Census, 33.8 million people in the U.S. identify as multicultural, which is up from 9 million just 10 years prior. Tamron Hall's son Moses will grow up in a multicultural household, something that she and Steven Greener want to make a priority. 

"He's Jewish, so we had a bris here at the house," Hall told People about her husband's faith and Moses' circumcision ceremony. "And he's going to Texas to have a Christening or a Confirmation at my mom's Southern Baptist church," she continued. "We've just combined our life experience, and we want to teach him tradition."

In 2021, the "Someone They Knew" host spoke to Allure about how Moses will be raised, and instilling pride in him is a big piece of the puzzle. "My son is African American and Jewish, and he has a big, curly, reddish head of hair that I want him to love and embrace," she explained. "I am simply trying to teach him where his curly hair came from. I want him to be proud of his Black heritage and his Jewish heritage. I can't tell you how many times a day I say to him, "I love your hair!" Every morning we brush his hair and I look in the mirror and I say, 'Moses, how cool is your hair? You are so unique and you are so special.'"

Tamron Hall was praised by her husband

Tamron Hall is incredibly low-key when it comes to her marriage, but one could say that her husband Steven Greener is even more private. Want proof? Go ahead and do a quick Google search on Greener gushing about Hall or his family, and you won't find much. Then try searching for his social media posts. Again, you'll come up empty because he's not on Instagram or Twitter — unless he has a burner account. 

He didn't even use social media to celebrate being named the head of music talent management at Primary Wave, a music publishing company. But Greener did open up about his marriage to Hall in at least one interview. It was with People in 2019 and he also talked about being a new dad. "Tamron is one of the most authentic, loving, honest, caring people I've ever known," he explained. "My favorite part of marriage and fatherhood so far is realizing every day I am exactly where I was always meant to be — with my family. I am home."

There's a good chance that Greener won himself a few extra smooches from his wife after she read his comments. 

She was concerned about ridicule

Part of the reason Tamron Hall might have kept her marriage to Steven Greener hidden from the public for a while is because she wasn't ready to hear from critics, which she admitted in an interview. Obviously, not everyone is thrilled about interracial and interfaith marriages and she had no interest in hearing those people weigh in. Shucks, even those who are okay with interracial and interfaith marriages might've said something that would've rubbed Hall the wrong way.

In 2019, the New York City transplant was asked if there was a concern about people coming down on her marriage and she answered yes. "There was a worry in the sense of I didn't want him ridiculed or hurt and I didn't want anyone feeling badly about themselves," Hall told The YBF

She said something similar about her husband to Parents the following year: That she was concerned about people picking him apart. "As an interracial, interfaith couple, we knew the world would throw darts," she stated.

Her husband maintains a crucial balance

If one were to heed the words of author and relationship expert Andrea Syrtash, they would believe that Tamron Hall and Steven Greener will have some unique challenges in their marriage. Mainly, because she's a celebrity and he's not. 

"Celebrities can successfully date ordinary people as long as they're both aware they will be publicly scrutinized and that their lives may be dictated by the celebrity's appearance and production schedule," Syrtash told The Observer. "It's easy for resentments to emerge unless expectations on both sides are clearly set."

Based on what Hall told Good Housekeeping in 2019, she's fully aware that her celebrity status can affect her marriage negatively. Moreover, she suggested that Greener maintains a much-needed balance of supporting her career and keeping a strong sense of self. "For him, he wants my show to make it, but he wants our marriage to work and he knows part of that is maintaining this foundation and him being comfortable with who he is and not pushed into someone he isn't," Hall told the publication.

She feels uneasy about leaving her son behind

3Just because Tamron Hall seems to love running her talk show, it doesn't mean that she's okay with being away from her son Moses for long stretches of time. She admitted as much while speaking to actor Gabrielle Union for Oprah Daily. During that conversation, Hall spoke of a time when she and Steven Greener were away on vacation and Greener offered to take care of their son while she worked.

"Recently my husband and I were at this little beach house with Moses for a weekend, and he said 'Maybe I'll stay for the week with the baby and the nanny while you go back to work,'" recalled the former MSNBC host. "My heart and lungs were like, 'That's a terrible idea!' Of course, my husband is fully capable — he's Moses' dad — but I'm only human and the idea of leaving my son for a week while I went off to work felt truly terrible. So our whole family packed it up and went back to the city together."

Hall has talked about trying to balance family and career more than once. Like, on "Good Morning America" in 2019, saying that she had to work toward not feeling guilty about her career and hectic schedule. 

The couple believes that Moses is the perfect name

During an interview with People, Tamron Hall said that she and Steven Greener had their son's name picked out early. But the name wasn't just snatched out of thin air or used because it's fairly unique in the 21st century. On the contrary, they felt the name Moses was a wonderful way to celebrate their respective faiths.

"My husband is Jewish, I'm Christian and Moses was the only prophet recognized by all seven religions," Hall explained. She also said the name Bob was considered, for Bob Marley, but later felt Moses fit her son perfectly.

Then in a separate conversation on "The Tamron Hall Show," while joking around with "Black-ish" star Anthony Anderson, Hall said that her son was named after Issac Hayes since the late singer named his 1971 album "Black Moses." She was obviously kidding around, which made Anderson tease her about Moses' name a bit. But Hall said she'd allow the light ribbing since the actor and her husband go way back.