Daryl Nelson

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Virginia State University, Medgar Evers College
Music, Film, Television, Sports
  • Daryl has been a professional entertainment reporter and music journalist for 20 years in both the urban and non-urban news space.
  • He also has a wide range of knowledge surrounding the history of music and celebrity culture, but also has expertise in current celebrity trends, as he covers entertainment news daily.
  • Additionally, Daryl immerses himself in entertainment and music news in his personal time, while spending many of his days looking for the best stories and angles to present to readers. Simply put, he wants nothing more than to give readers the most interesting, accurate and well-written stories.


Daryl has written professionally and covered all things music, film, television, and sports for nearly two decades. A hip-hop historian, he's covered some of the biggest news stories in urban culture and interviewed some of the biggest artists. Some of the publications he's written for include, The International Business Times, The Boombox, Hip-Hop Lately, Atlanta Black Star, Readers Digest, Consumer Affairs, AllHipHop, and Impose Magazine, He's also written scripts for Crealon Media.


As an English major, Daryl gained first confidence to be a professional writer in college. It happened after a professor, who he highly respected, said that he was a good writer, based on the research papers that he had to submit.
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