90 Day Fiance Star Stephanie Matto's Business Ventures Continue To Get Stranger And Stranger

Stephanie Matto, known for being one of the now featured singles on TLC's "90 Day Fiance: The Single Life," has been busy supplementing her income in very bizarre ways recently. The money from the franchise is reportedly estimated at $14,500 for a 12-episode season, according to Us Weekly, which clearly isn't enough for Matto. But instead of pursuing a traditional career, the reality star is collecting bodily fluids and gas to sell on the internet.

She told In Touch in December 2021, "Yeah, it is pretty crazy. It is. And the thing is what I find really awesome about this whole entire new, like fart jar venture is that I think it's inspired a lot of people to think outside of the box, as far as ways that they can make money." Matto apparently made over $200,000 for selling her farts in jars online in 2021, according to Entertainment Tonight. In the jars, she included flower petals and handwritten notes for her customers.

Matto did get some backlash for her business venture online, but didn't stop until she experienced a health scare. The New York Post reported that Matto stopped selling her farts in January after she thought she was having a stroke or heart attack. Now, the "90 Day Fiance" star has found a new and possibly stranger way to make money.

Sweating is now a business

Stephanie Matto had the internet about to explode last year (no pun intended) with her fart venture, but now she has people talking for a completely different reason. The reality star revealed on Instagram and TikTok that she will now be selling her sweat online for profit. Matto is now capturing her "boob sweat" and putting it in test tubes for sale on her online platform, Unfiltrd.

She announced the news on Instagram by saying, "Boob sweat is here. After much much much much request from fans, I have been spending a lot of time sweating by my new in ground pool, and I decided what better way to make some extra cash this summer than to bottle and sell my boob sweat on my @unfiltrdofficial page!"

Recently, Matto told TMZ that she is averaging $5,000 a day selling her sweat online. She has been actively selling it for the past two weeks. However, she told the outlet she recently saw a bear in her backyard that has now scared her from continuing her business. Matto is terrified to return back to her "office" outside, where she tans in the sun to accumulate sweat. Now, she is thinking about investing in a sauna. It's unclear whether or not this particular venture will continue, but the reality star is destined to discover something even more strange if this one comes to a halt.