Chip And Joanna Gaines Are Celebrating A Relationship Benchmark

Chip and Joanna Gaines seemed destined for marriage from the beginning. While working with Joanna's father in an autoshop, Chip fell for his future wife before ever meeting her after her dad posted a family photo in his office. "I knew I'd marry her one day just by the picture on the wall," he recalled to PopSugar in 2018. Although Joanna was not instantly convinced he was marriage material, it was only a few months into dating that her mind was made up. "I knew he was the one because I knew I could trust him," the HGTV personality said.

It was not always smooth sailing for the "Fixer Upper" hosts, as their different personalities clashed. "Early on we had our fair share of fights and figuring out where the boundaries were," Joanna told People in 2016. Their varying approaches to both life and business wound up complementing each other. "Match made in heaven is not the term you would use to describe us. But when we mixed our personalities together, it created a spark," Joanna said.

In 2017, rumors circulated that their relationship was on the rocks and that the television hosts could call it quits. Chip cleared the air about a possible divorce by responding to a tweet. "Won't ever happen.. you can take that to the bank!" he tweeted. Nearly five years later, the couple is still together and has cause for celebration.

The Gaines' sweet messages to each other

Joanna Gaines celebrated her wedding anniversary with Chip Gaines with an understated, but touching Instagram post on June 2. She uploaded a snap of the couple cozying up in a restaurant booth and wrote, "19 years" along with a heart emoji, plus "#ilikeyoualot" in the caption. There was a sweet smile across Joanna's face in the photo as she rested her head on her husband's shoulder. Fans filled the comment section with congratulatory words. "Happy anniversary! You're an inspiration," one follower wrote. "You guys have packed a lot of living into 19 years," another added.

Two years earlier, Chip celebrated their anniversary with a moving Instagram post of his own. The "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home" host posted a throwback photo from their wedding day, where he planted a kiss on his wife's cheek. Chip gushed over Joanna in the caption. "Everything about you has made everything about me better ... After all these years Joanna Lea Stevens, you really are the girl of my dreams," he wrote in 2020.

The following year — to celebrate 18 years of marriage — Joanna marked the occasion on Instagram with a compilation video of the couple's various traveling exploits together. Joanna had previously fawned over Chip on Instagram in a birthday post in 2020 where she wrote about him not only being a great partner, but a wonderful father. "You teach us to discover paths that have yet to be taken," she wrote. "You really do make life extra great."