Johnny Depp Proves He's Ready To Get Back Into The Public Eye After Legal Victory

Prior to all of the recent legal drama with ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has been flying under the radar for the past few years. As fans know, Depp and Heard faced off in what had to be the trial of the decade, at least when it comes to Hollywood stars. Following a very bitter and messy divorce, Heard wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post where she alleged that she was a victim of abuse, though she didn't name her ex-husband Depp in the piece. Rather than remaining silent, Depp clapped back with a $50 million defamation lawsuit. In turn, Heard countersued Depp for $100 million. Still following along?

The two duked it out in a Virginia courtroom in a six-week televised trial that viewers couldn't get enough of. On June 1, the jury reached a verdict, siding with Depp and awarding him a little less than what he originally asked for — granting $10 million in compensatory and $5 million in punitive damages, per NBC News. Based on Virginia law, Depp can only collect $350,000 in punitive, bringing the total to $10,350,000. On one count, the jury also sided with Heard, awarding her $2 million, which is a drop in the bucket compared to Depp.

Following his win in court, Depp released a statement on Instagram to express his gratitude for the victory while detailing how rough the past few years have been. He ended the post by saying, "The best is yet to come, and a new chapter has finally begun." Now, Depp is giving fans a glimpse into that new chapter he mentioned.

Johnny Depp is set to release an album

Johnny Depp is ready to resume his career, but it's not in a way that you'd expect. After his court victory against ex-wife Amber Heard, Depp is working on a musical project instead of going the acting route. According to Variety, Depp and pal Jeff Beck will release a new, joint album in July. Stereogum shares that Beck announced the news to concertgoers during one of his shows where Depp performed with him at Sage Gateshead in the United Kingdom. The pair has worked together before, previously collaborating for a cover of John Lennon's track "Isolation." Sadly, Beck did not share any further details on how many songs would be included on the album.

Fans seem thrilled with the exciting news, and many took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Depp's musical career. "I am purchasing this album Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp!! Smart men!!" one person tweeted. "Magical. This was such a fantastic night. Beautiful memory to hold," another person who attended the concert wrote. "And .. they are bringing out an album!"

Depp and Beck have been spending quite a bit of time together. Aside from performing with his pal on stage, Depp and Beck also like the order grub together. The same day that Depp nabbed his major legal win, he and Beck hit up a local pub to celebrate. According to Daily Mail, Depp got an order of fish and chips and washed it down with a cold beer.