Michael B. Jordan's First Appearance Since His Split From Lori Harvey Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

After more than a year together, Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey called it quits. The pair was first romantically linked after they were spotted traveling together on two separate occasions at the end of 2020. The couple solidified their relationship in January 2021, after posting photos of each other on their personal Instagram accounts, per Us Weekly. Their union was even supported by Lori's stepfather, Steve Harvey, who admitted he "liked" Jordan, but was also keeping a watchful eye on the actor, per Insider. "I like this one," Steve said, before joking, "I still got my eye on him."

However, the former lovebirds have since ended their relationship. A source confirmed the news to People and revealed that the exes were left "heartbroken" by their decision to split. "Michael and Lori are both completely heartbroken," an insider claimed. "They still love each other."

Lori has since removed all traces of the "Creed" star from her social media accounts, indefinitely marking the end of their era. Jordan has since been spotted out, however, his first public appearance since the breakup has fans all coming to the same conclusion.

Fans think Michael B. Jordan looks sad

There may have been signs leading to Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey's split that many of us ignored. Harvey attended the Met Gala and Cannes Film Festival alone, despite her only recently separating from the "Fruitvale Station" actor. While Jordan — who rarely ever posts on Instagram — hadn't shared a picture of the two since March 29.

And while Jordan is normally a private person, his first public appearance since ending his relationship with Harvey has everyone saying the same thing. According to E! News, Jordan attended Game 2 of the NBA Finals, alongside rapper Cordae, but did not appear overly cheerful, as you can see above. "MBJ went right to his seat upon arrival. He didn't do much cheering. He wasn't his usual excited self tonight," a source told the outlet.

Fans online shared the same sentiments, as folks on Twitter rushed to send their condolences to Jordan. "I don't know this man, but his eyes look so sad. Damn," one person wrote. While another tweeted, "keep yo head up gang, happens to the best of us."