Fans Are Melting Down Over Lizzo's Apparent Shade At Liam Payne

Liam Payne's seemingly shady comments about his former One Direction bandmates have caused a stir on social media, and now singer Lizzo has spoken out. The boyband — which included Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Payne – separated in 2015 after five years together. And while the band's split seemed peaceful, with each of the members venturing off to their own solo careers, Payne's recent comments about the group suggest otherwise. During an appearance on Logan Paul's "Impaulsive," Payne opened up about previous conflicts within the group and also claimed that One Direction was built around him.

"From what I've heard is that part of the reason One Direction was made was because of Simon [Cowell]'s promise to me that in two years, I'll make this work for you," Liam said. "So, he kind of started with my face and worked around the rest."

Now, Lizzo, who seems to have a close relationship with Styles, has responded to Payne's claims — and her hilarious response is sending fans into a frenzy.

Lizzo says Liam Payne was not the frontman

Liam Payne's comments about One Direction set off a firestorm on social media, with users dragging the "Sunshine" singer for his remarks about his former bandmates. "No one on this planet thinks of Liam Payne first when thinking of one direction," one person tweeted. Meanwhile, another suggested, "Liam Payne is to One Direction what Will Schuester is to Glee. No i will not be elaborating on this point further."

Lizzo has now voiced her opinion on the matter and is not holding back her thoughts. "I don't know who lied to that poor boy, but we all know he was not the frontman," Lizzo said on TikTok, seemingly responding to Payne's comments. Twitter immediately took note. "need to see lizzo and harrys text messages," one user wrote. Not everyone agreed, though. One tweeter accused the "Juice" singer of "s****ing on [Payne] just to get some attention cause that's how her entire career was made." Ouch! Another wrote, "Lizzo jumping on the hate train and fuelling the Liam drama is giving me THE ICK."

The "About Damn Time" singer's defense of One Direction makes sense, as Lizzo is close friends with Payne's former bandmate, Harry Styles. Lizzo even joined Styles on stage at Coachella in March for a surprise performance of "I Will Survive." So, there's no doubt about where Lizzo's allegiance stands.