Keanu Reeves' Rare Appearance With His Girlfriend Is Getting Attention

If you've chosen to willfully forget that unproblematic king and forever heartthrob Keanu Reeves is not actually single and available, we totally get it. He's not often pictured with his romantic partner and he doesn't tend to open up that much about his personal life, so it's an easy mistake to make. However, the "Matrix" star does indeed have a girlfriend, visual artist Alexandra Grant, who he has reportedly known for years. 

According to Bustle, Reeves and Grant first met at a dinner party way back in 2009 and soon became friends. They then worked together on two books, 2011's "Ode to Happiness" and "Shadows" in 2015. They didn't become romantically involved until three years later, and waited at least a year before making their red carpet debut as a couple in 2019 at the LACMA Art Film Gala. They do say that friends-to-lovers is one of the best romance tropes in the genre. Now the two lovebirds are turning heads once again.

Keanu Reeves and his girlfriend Alexandra Grant walked a red carpet together

Though Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant have been "out" as a couple for three years now, their public appearances together are still rare. However, they did make one such appearance at the 2022 MOCA Gala in Los Angeles in June, holding hands and causing all of the awws, per Page Six. Reeves looked dashing with his long, salt-and-pepper hair and Grant looked elegant in a bright red column dress. 

Fans on social media loved it, of course. "I hope that Keanu Reeves stays this happy forever," tweeted one well-wishing fan. "no [because] I'm gonna cry, I love keanu and alexandra [so much]," another person posted to Twitter. One fan wrote simply, "Keanu Reeves is the best," over a photo of the two of them from the event. "Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant to cleanse your TL," tweeted another person. 

Honestly, if you can't find a love like Reeves and Grant, maybe it's better to just be single.