The Real Reason Barry Plath Broke Down In Front Of His Kids

Barry Plath got transparent with his kids about how he's having a hard time grappling with his crumbling marriage.

In a recent episode of "Welcome to Plathville," Barry and Kim Plath opened up about their marital struggles, revealing that it's no longer working for either of them. "Kim and I, we've gone through a lot in the past few months, as far as relational things," Barry said, per People. "We've had conversations here and there and the feedback I'm getting is she isn't happy. There was this whole issue of just taking her for granted, and it was a real big wake-up." It has reached a point where Kim has moved out of the family home. "Barry and I have decided to live separately for a while," Kim said, per People. "The easiest way to do that right now is whenever one of our rental properties is vacant, I pack a bag and I go and I stay there."

For Barry's part, he acknowledges that he had failed to give Kim the time and attention she needed and is aware that their impending doom may be largely his fault. "In some respects, I'm like feeling left behind," he added. "I've always thought marriage would be 'til I die, but in reality, it looks like it could end. Soon." Now, he took it upon himself to explain the situation to his children, and he got emotional while doing so.

Barry Plath opened up to his kids about his marital struggles

Any parent would have a tough time sharing their marital problems with their children, but Barry Plath deemed it important to do so. In a new teaser for "Welcome to Plathville", the Plath family patriarch got emotional while explaining to his children why they barely see their mother around the house anymore. He explained that even he is finding difficulty in getting to the bottom of their issues.

"I don't know everything. Right now, the when and the why's ... I can't answer. But you know time may reveal some things," he told the kids, and then proceeded to explain in the interview that it's because "there are a lot of blanks" at the moment. "I'm in no hurry to get somewhere right now. I need time to process because, you know, it's a trauma." The kids were understanding, but still expressed sadness because they noticed how the situation is hurting their father. "I've only seen my dad cry once before this, and that was at my brother's funeral," Isaac said, while Lydia shared that she has a lot of questions but doesn't want to pressure either of their parents to offer answers.

It's unclear what the future holds for Barry and Kim, but according to Barry, he still wants to fix their marriage. "I'm like I want to make this work, so I'm like, 'Life is full of mistakes, and let's see what we can do second chance-wise,'" he said, per People.