Sharon Osbourne Reveals Ozzy Is At A Major Crossroads In His Health Journey

Sharon Osbourne has just provided a major update on Ozzy Osbourne's health and things are looking serious. The Black Sabbath frontman previously opened up about his health struggles, which include a Parkinson's diagnosis and spinal surgery. Ozzy later revealed that he was starting to feel the impact of aging and said, "It has been one nightmare after another."

"When I was about 69 and a half I thought to myself, 'One day, I wonder when I will start to feel like an old guy?'" he told the U.K.'s Express in December 2021. Adding, "When I became 70, I had the f**king thumb thing. It has been one nightmare after another."

Unfortunately for the rocker, his troubles didn't end there, as it was revealed in April that the former "The Osbournes" star had contracted COVID-19. And while he seemed to bounce back from his bout with the virus, his wife Sharon has just revealed that a life-changing health journey is on the way for Ozzy.

Sharon says Ozzy is scheduled for a major operation

Sharon Osbourne has provided a huge update on the next step in Ozzy Osbourne's health journey following his recent health scares. On a June 8 episode of "The Talk U.K.", Sharon revealed that she was moving back to Los Angeles as Ozzy is set to receive a "major operation."

"He has a very major operation on Monday," Sharon said. "I have to be there. It's really going to determine the rest of, you know, his life." And while she did not reveal any further details about Osbourne's condition, she did gush over their upcoming 40th wedding anniversary on July 1. And she also pointed out her son Jack Osbourne has a baby girl on the way soon.

Following Sharon's announcement, fans rushed to send their support to the "War Pigs" singer. "We love you both sooo much and will be with you in Prayers and positive thoughts... That all goes as well," one fan tweeted. While another wrote, "I hope his surgery goes well and he recovers well and everything goes smoothly. They are my fav celebrity family."