Body Language Expert Analyzes How Close The Olsen Twins Really Are - Exclusive

Long before the Kardashians arrived on the scene, the OG sibling/co-star combination on the block was the Olsen twins — but how close are Marie-Kate and Ashley Olsen, really?

Once upon a time in the early 2000s, it was nearly impossible to go anywhere without seeing a reference to the Olsen sisters. From the twins' beginnings on "Full House," to a book series based on them, to their animated TV show, and movies like the 2004 comedy "New York Minute," no one's star shined brighter than that of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. After all, they had double the shine! Fans around the world just couldn't get enough of the IRL sisters who many perceived to be built-in best friend status. That said, when a 2013 interview with Allure revealed that the Olsen twins would be shifting gears away from acting, many began to question if their bond would wane.

As their acting careers have taken a backseat, the Olsen twins have continued to work alongside each other through their growing fashion empire. However, in the absence of seeing their names together in lights for years, many have come to question if the sisters are as close as they once were. But, question no more, because an expert speaking exclusively to Nicki Swift has just shared the truth about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's relationship.

The Olsen twins have a bond

Throughout the ages, twins have been thought to share a language all their own. However, per Verywell Family, "twin talk" is more about the intuitive way in which twins communicate. "Twin talk" refers to non-verbal communication that stems from that closeness. Our expert source, body language specialist and author of "A.W.E.S.O.M.E." Jess Ponce III sees that in the Olsen twins in his analysis.

"Mary-Kate and Ashley definitely have a bond," the communication coach explained, and he pointed to their reassuring behavior towards one another in video interviews as the prime example of that. Explaining that their "soft smile" and "subtle gestures" hint at a shyness in the sisters, Ponce explains that the elder sisters to Elizabeth Olsen often seem to have a soothing presence on each other. In many interviews, he points out, "They are assuring to one another, and seem to have one another's backs."

A number of publications have pointed to the sisters' unique way of piggybacking off one another's thoughts throughout more than three decades of interviews. In 2013, Allure wrote that it was "an Olsen habit" for one sister to finish the other's sentence. That's hardly surprising, given that in a 2018 WSJ Magazine interview (via E! News), Ashley compared their relationship to "a marriage." Hey, if you find yourself feeling shy, who better to lean on than the one person who knew you before you were even born?

They're not completely reliant on each other

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may rely on "twin talk" in joint interviews, but that's not to say they're too shy to go it on their own. Quite the contrary, as Jess Ponce III explains that both sisters have a quiet confidence about them. "They are able to speak individually and as a unit," he explains. "Their eyes reveal a comfortability and ease when being asked questions." The author adds, "Even when they don't know the answer, they seem to be self-assured that it is okay not to know. They are polished and confident."

For Ponce, this seems to have something to do with the fact that the Olsen twins' childhood was spent on the world's stage. "Growing up in the spotlight they are self-aware that the camera is on them and have an uncanny ability to be demure and shy, while exhibiting confidence in who they are," he explains. "Not an easy task."

Ponce also adds that while there can be no denying that the twins use "twin talk" to send one another non-verbal signs of reassurance, their communication is rarely exclusionary. Rather, he points out, "They are conscientious and inclusive of others." As a result, Ponce continues, though it would be near impossible not to "feel the bond between them, it's up to you, as the interviewer, to engage or be intimidated by their connection."

Mary-Kate and Ashley's connection

One of the key cues Jess Ponce III picked up when analyzing the Olsen twins' body language was their authenticity. "They are clear," the author explains, "and, by all indications, genuine." As such, there's no reason to doubt what the sisters themselves have said about their bond over the years.

Speaking to i-D in 2021, Ashley explained that their innate understanding of one another — there's that "twin talk!" — meant that even in the absence of film crews, they simply "like working together." The child star went on to explain that their shared instincts meant that they were able to work together intuitively, and it certainly helps that "our instincts are kind of the same." Mary-Kate, meanwhile, has told WSJ Magazine (via the Daily Mail) that the fact that they "do everything together" simply comes naturally to them. After all, she added, "We came out of the womb doing that."

The Olsen twins have been co-workers for 36 years, and in each other's lives since day one. Whether starring alongside one another in a blockbuster, or building a fashion empire together more quietly, it's clear that they have a winning formula. However, what's even clearer is their undeniably strong relationship. To quote Ponce once more, there can be no doubt that "Mary-Kate and Ashley definitely have a bond."