Britney Spears' Family Finally Publicly Commented On Her Wedding

It's no secret that Britney Spears is estranged from her family following the nasty fallout that stemmed from her controversial conservatorship. The star has taken aim at her family members on multiple occasions after her dad, Jamie Spears, was heavily involved in the legal arrangement, and she's made it very clear she's not on good terms with him, her mom, Lynne Spears, or her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, either.

"I had an experience three years ago where I stopped believing in God. From every angle, I was being hurt for no reason and my family was hurting me...," Britney wrote in a very candid Instagram post shared in December 2021. But that's far from the only time Britney has addressed her family drama on social media. In a lengthy January Twitter post which followed the release of Jamie Lynn's book, "Things I Should Have Said," Britney wrote, "My family ruined my dreams 100 billion per cent and try to make me look like the crazy one while I have a 104 degree fever, not being able to move in my bed. My family loves to pull me down and hurt me always so I am disgusted with them."

So, it's no surprise then that when the date of Spears' wedding to Sam Asghari was confirmed that it was revealed that her mom, dad, and famous sister did not make the guest list. However, Britney's mom still had something to say about her daughter's big day over on Instagram.

Britney Spears' mom gushes over her 'dream' wedding

Britney Spears' mom, Lynne Spears, made her feelings about her daughter's big day very clear in a very public way. After Britney shared some seriously stunning photos from her and Sam Asghari's big day on Instagram on June 10, Lynne took to the comments section. "You look radiant and so happy! Your wedding is the 'Dream' wedding! And having it at your home makes it so sentimental and special! I am soooo happy for you! I love you!" she wrote. Britney doesn't appear to have publicly responded to her mom's comment, though plenty of fans shared their thoughts.

According to TMZ, Britney did extend an olive branch to her brother, Bryan Spears, by reportedly sending him an invite to her big day, but Daily Mail spotted him out and about on the morning of the event — which he did not attend. Also absent from the ceremony were both of Britney's sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. It's not clear why the two, who Britney shares with her second ex-husband, Kevin Federline, weren't at the ceremony or if they were even invited, though Federline's attorney told TMZ, "Although the boys will not be in attendance, Kevin and the boys are happy for Britney and wish her and Sam all the best going forward."

We're wishing the best for Britney, whether that means having her family in her life or not.