Why Prince Andrew Reportedly Missed Another High-Profile Event

Prince Andrew was back in the news on June 11 after Buckingham Palace's unexpected decision to support him. According to The Sunday Times, Buckingham Palace surprised many with the decision after Andrew paid a multi-million dollar settlement to accuser Virginia Giuffre. A palace spokesperson told the Times, "Thought will have to be given to how to support the duke as, away from the public gaze, he seeks to slowly rebuild his life in a different direction. There is, of course, a real awareness and sensitivity to public feelings."

After the Buckingham Palace statement, a source close to the Duke of York told The Telegraph, "Most importantly for him is his status as an HRH and 'Prince of the Blood,' and he feels that should be reinstated and his position recognized and respected." The Telegraph reported the disgraced duke has been "lobbying" the queen to take part in official royal events, along with other members of the royal family.

Royal expert Tina Brown told Newsweek that Andrew has tried to appeal to his mother to return to royal life. "Andrew fully expects to be rehabilitated," she explained. "He's not even accepted that he's going to have to have a quiet few years." Brown continued, "Andrew believes strongly that he can get back, and I'm told that this is something that he's obsessed with and that he believes that this is going to happen." However, despite that effort, here's why Andrew reportedly missed another high-profile event.

Prince Andrew was banned from appearing at Order of the Garter by William and Charles

Prince Andrew was apparently banned from appearing in the Order of the Garter public ceremony on June 13. The Sun reported that Andrew was blocked from participating in the public portion of the event after Prince Charles and Prince William persuaded Queen Elizabeth, fearing "backlash" from the public.

A source told The Sun, "It was a decision taken by the household for the best interests of the family but also the best interests of the Duke of York." The outlet reported the queen told her son not to attend the public ceremony "for his own good" after meeting with Charles and William. People reported that royal sources said Andrew's withdrawal was a "family decision," but sources claim the was upset by Andrew participating in the ceremony.

The Evening Standard reported the queen's meeting with her son and grandson was tense. William was apparently very alarmed by Andrew's participation, threatening to pull out of the Order of the Garter ceremony. A senior source told the Evening Standard, "The Duke of Cambridge was adamant. If York insisted on taking part publicly, he would withdraw." The disgraced duke was allowed to attend the private part of the event, but the 62-year-old hoped that appearing in the Order of the Garter ceremony could be a jumping-off point for a return to royal duties. Stay tuned!