Post Malone Has Officially Welcomed A New Member To His Family

It's time for fans to say "congratulations" to rapper Post Malone, as he recently confirmed the birth of his daughter. In early May, Malone's representative revealed to E! News that the rapper and his now fiancee had a baby girl on the way. However, it was unclear when the baby was due. Sources told TMZ in May that Post Malone and his girlfriend celebrated the pregnancy during a private party surrounded by their family and friends in Southern California while the rapper was also gearing up to release his new album "Twelve Carat Toothache" on June 3.

"I'm excited for this next chapter in my life, I'm the happiest I've ever been, and for since I could remember I was sad," Post Malone told TMZ in May. "Time to take care of my body and my family and friends, and spread as much love as we can every day." TMZ reported that Post Malone's girlfriend has not spent any time in the spotlight and that the two have kept their relationship incredibly private as a result. Her name and identity has yet to be confirmed.

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Post revealed that he was "pumped" about fatherhood and told Lowe that he was going to be a hot dad (via E! News). Now, the couple has finally welcomed their baby girl into the world.

Post Malone's new baby isn't his only exciting announcement

During an appearance on "The Howard Stern Show" on June 12, Post Malone confirmed that he is officially a father (via Daily Mail). He told Stern that he kissed his baby girl before heading out to do the interview. Malone also revealed that he is engaged to his girlfriend and ready to get married soon. People later confirmed that the baby was welcomed into the world sometime in May. The rapper has still yet to reveal the identity of his girlfriend or name of his newborn baby, but will most likely keep that under wraps.

According to Page Six, Malone decided to begin living a more private life in 2019 when he made the move from Los Angeles to Utah. Billboard revealed in January that he lives on a near-seven-acre mountainside sanctuary there. His co-manager, Dre London, explained that it was the "best thing for him" because he could have a life away from the public eye. "People wanted me to stay in L.A. — that's where the work gets done — but I was fed up," Post told Billboard, "There's always something to do, and someone always wants something from ya — and I didn't want to go crazy."

It's been a busy few months for Post Malone. Just a month after publicly announcing his girlfriend's pregnancy, he released his fourth studio album "Twelve Carat Toothache." Such an exciting time for him!