Jennifer Aniston's Latest Look Is An Unexpected Friends Throwback

Jennifer Aniston has managed to turn a lot of heads over the years, thanks to her classic, but always trendy looks on the red carpet. She's also gotten plenty of attention thanks to that iconic haircut she got back in 1995 when almost everyone with a tabloid magazine clip out stormed their hairdresser demanding they get a "Rachel" cut, named after Aniston's character Rachel Green on "Friends."

But as anyone who has watched "Friends" reruns multiple times over the years would know, Rachel was more than just her hair. She was a shopping assistant at Bloomingdale's before she landed her dream job at Ralph Lauren, and later on, Louis Vuitton in Paris. In an interview with People back in 2021, Aniston imagined Rachel would still be in the fashion industry today, if not also a fashion designer herself. She said, "I would like to have maybe started a clothing line of my own, and it's sort of a small franchise. Like a Nili Lotan."

And while there's a very good chance that Rachel Green could be designing her own cut-out dresses while wearing ultra-low rise jeans and chunky heels, Aniston's latest look is an unexpected throwback from the "Friends" era, but it's certainly not a bad one either.

Jennifer Aniston pulled a Monica with her recent look

Talk about the ultimate flex. Not only did Jennifer Aniston show off her naturally wavy hair in a new Instagram photo with her hair stylist Chris MacMillan, but she also proved that fashion from the early naughts is definitely back. Aniston wore the exact same dress that her co-star Courteney Cox wore as her character Monica Gellar during an episode of "Friends." Aniston captioned her Instagram Story with, "Does the dress look familiar? Still got it!" per Us Weekly

Even though that dress has certainly held up well in the test of time, Aniston once admitted on "The Howards Stern Show" that the producers of the hit sitcom never put any pressure on her, Cox, or Lisa Kudrow to wear clothes that they didn't feel comfortable wearing. She said (via Page Six), "No one was saying, 'Girls, your outfits need to be tighter and smaller and skimpier.' Absolutely no way. It was just sort of what we felt comfortable in."

And while Aniston has certainly donned a lot of iconic looks on the show – like Rachel Green's "Girls" t-shirt or Princess Leia for her boyfriend Ross' kinky fantasy – one thing is for certain: Aniston, and "Friends" will never go out of style.