The Tragic Death Of Lane Fernandez, Teen Mom Star Malorie Beaver's Ex

Lane Fernandez, who starred in parts of "Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant" in Seasons 2 and 3 with ex-girlfriend Malorie Beaver, has died. Lane was just 28 years old at the time of his death. The reality star's wife, Kylee Rose Fernandez, shared the news in a gut-wrenching Facebook post that included several images of Lane.

"I'm so lost without you babe.. I love you to the moon and back and I know you're watching out for us. I will forever miss you. It's always been you," Kylee wrote on the update. "Nolyn, Emerson, and I love you so much and you were an amazing father, dog dad, and husband. You'll forever be my rock, and my best friend. I miss you more than anything baby." She did not share any further details regarding Lane's cause of death, leaving plenty of questions unanswered. Lane's widow has received plenty of love and support on her Facebook post, with most people expressing their condolences. "Praying for you Kylee. I'm so sorry for your loss," one person wrote. "Prayers for you sweet girl! I couldn't imagine going through this!" another social media user commented.

Lane's ex, Malorie, also shared a short video of Lane and their daughter, Emerson, on her Instagram Stories, simply writing "RIP" with a heart. In addition, Malorie's sister, Rachel Beaver, also confirmed the news on her Instagram Stories. "I can't even begin to express the pain I feel right now. Gone too soon ... rest easy Lane," she wrote, per Page Six.

Inside Lane Fernandez's life

As we mentioned before, Lane Fernandez first gained fame for appearing on the MTV hit "Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant." with his now ex-girlfriend, Malorie Beaver. Malorie's sister, Rachel Beaver, was a regular series member, but got tangled in her sister's drama. Malorie and Lane welcomed one child together, daughter Emerson, and a lot of their drama has played out over social media.

According to The U.S. Sun, Lane's wife, Kylee Rose Fernandez, got into a spat with Malorie after she paid tribute to Malorie and Lane's daughter, Emerson, on Instagram. "Happy 3rd Birthday to our beautiful baby! I can't believe you're 3 already! You're the best thing that has happened to me, and your daddy both!" Kylee reportedly wrote. Malorie shared the post on her Facebook page, claiming that Emerson had not seen her father in several months. The feud went back and forth and turned pretty ugly.

Lane welcomed his second child, Nolyn, with his wife Kylee just three weeks before his death. Kylee shared the news in a May 22 Facebook post. "Thank you for all the prayers, now the wait is over! Momma and Daddy had lots of bonding time, so now we are ready to make it public, and show this miracle God helped us create!" she wrote on the update. According to his Facebook page, Lane worked as a Technology Integration Specialist. His last post came on May 17, when he wished his father a happy birthday.