Ozzy Osbourne Sends Cryptic Message Ahead Of Life-Changing Surgery

Amid ongoing health struggles, Ozzy Osbourne took to his social media to send a message to fans before heading into surgery. But if Osbourne meant to reassure fans regarding his health, the message did anything but that for fans. 

In recent years, the heavy metal star has been open in regard to his health struggles, per People. For Osbourne, his health issues began back in 2019 after the star fell at his home. The fall was so bad, Osbourne needed surgery to put screws in his back and left the "No More Tears" singer with an extensive healing process that included neck surgery and two months of recovery. After the fall, Osbourne opened up to Rolling Stone about his recovery process, explaining that when he fell, he hit the ground extremely hard, right on his face. "For the first, say, four months, I was absolutely in agony. I was in agony beyond anything I ever experienced before in my life," he explained. 

While the star was eventually able to get back on his feet, three years later, Osbourne now finds himself undergoing surgery once again. While the star has yet to reveal what the surgery is for, before heading into the operating room on June 13, Osbourne took to social media to share a message with his fans — a message that has left many fans puzzled and hoping it is not Ozzy's last. 

Ozzy Osbourne tells fans he loves them before heading into surgery

After announcing that he would be undergoing an important surgery, Ozzy Osbourne put out one last message to fans before heading in to the hospital. Taking to his Instagram Stories on June 13, Osbourne posted his song "I Love You All" to his page. With the song playing in the background, Osbourne added the lyrics to the screen, which read, "For all these years you've stood by me. God bless, I love you all." 

Other than posting the song, Osbourne did not reveal any details about his surgery or when fans will hear from him again. Since his wife, Sharon Osbourne, told fans about the surgery one week prior, the details have been extremely vague. All that is known is that the surgery is incredibly serious and could have ramifications for Ozzy in the future, as Sharon said the surgery has the potential to "determine the rest of his life." A source added that, following his surgery, Ozzy will have a lengthy recovery process, per Page Six.

After posting the song on Instagram, Ozzy encouraged fans to listen to his song and reposted an image made by fans that said they were thinking of Ozzy. In the comments, many fans left encouraging messages to Ozzy for his recovery and it seems, with fans posting their well wishes, the "Paranoid" singer only wanted to let fans know that he loves them, too.