Brittany Cartwright Gets Real About Rift With Former Co-Star Stassi Schroeder

Former "Vanderpump Rules" star Stassi Schroeder decided to get married to her husband Beau Clark for a second time in May after they tied the knot in their California backyard in 2021. The couple's wedding in Rome was postponed due to the pandemic, but they made sure to make their dream wedding happen this year, according to Page Six. The couple was joined by their families and closest friends, but some notable peers were missing from the festivities.

Former Bravo co-stars, including Brittany Cartwright, Scheana Shay, and Tom Sandoval, were not seen in any photos, although Katie Maloney was in attendance. Naturally, rumors began to spread online and it wasn't long before Schroeder decided to attempt to clear the air on the matter. Schroeder explained that Bravo was supposed to pay for her wedding, which was set to air on "Vanderpump Rules," before she was fired from the series. When the duo realized they had to pay for the affair themselves, everything changed.

"[We had to] cut 70% of the guest list because it's too expensive. Now it is a 35-person wedding in Rome in a location that's meant for a s*** ton of people," she said on her podcast, per Page Six. "We sent out an email, like, 'Yo, times are tough, we can't have a 200-person wedding. This doesn't mean that we don't like you, but you're not part of my 35 top people.'" However, it appears that the wedding drama did cause a rift between Shroeder and Cartwright.

Brittany Cartwright is hoping to figure things out

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor were missing from Stassi Schroeder's Rome wedding and it seems the bride was less than pleased with their absence. According to Schroeder, the couple RSVP'd that they would be in attendance and later backed out (via US Weekly). She also claims that Cartwright and Taylor were talking about the wedding festivities behind her back and telling others that they never planned to actually attend. However, Cartwright recently shared her side of the story and offered a completely different perspective. 

The former friends no longer appear to be on speaking terms, causing Cartwright to get emotional during a recent appearance on the "Betches Moms" podcast. "There's some rifts going on right now — with me and Stassi, there's some things going on, which I hate. I love her to pieces. And I wish we could figure this out," Cartwright began. "We had actual reasons why we couldn't go that were not talked about. Like Cruz's passport didn't come in, my mom had a death in the family and had to go home," (via US Weekly). She revealed that she did apologize and wanted to be there, but still wants to talk things out with Schroeder and hopes their children can still grow up together.

According to the outlet, other former castmates missing from the wedding include Kristen Doute, Scheana Shay, and Lala Kent. Doute, however, claimed she had another wedding booked before Schroeder and Clark sent out invitations.