Andy Cohen Accidentally Let Slip A Secret From Kyle Richards

Among all the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" stars, Kyle Richards is perhaps the one who preaches honesty the most. Many fans have seemingly grown tired of her rhetoric, branding it hypocritical considering Richards has often displayed a slight control-freak tendency, Meaww noted. But she has shared quite a bit with fans over the years. Richards has been particularly open about her plastic surgeries. She hasn't done much work, she told People in 2015, but underwent rhinoplasty twice. The first procedure took place in 2006, a few years before she joined "RHOBH," according to Us Weekly. "My nose bothered me for a long time," she told the outlet in 2013. "The surgery made me feel better."

Richards had another nose job in October 2021, she revealed on her Instagram Stories (via Bravo). This second procedure was a result of a nose fracture she suffered a month earlier, so the decision was partly inspired by cosmetic reasons and partly by health necessity. "I fixed the bone, fixed my breathing problems and refined the tip," she detailed in the post, which included a photo of her face in profile.

Prior to that, Richards also got liposuction on her stomach in 2012, she said on Bravo's "Secrets Revealed" in 2013. "After having four kids, no matter what exercise I did, the love handles wouldn't go away." As it turns out, Richards hasn't been as open about her latest cosmetic procedure — one that Andy Cohen accidentally revealed on live TV. 

Andy Cohen spilled that Kyle Richards had breast reduction surgery

Kyle Richards has taken measures to reduce the size of her breasts, but she wasn't ready to make that information public. She wouldn't have to, though, as Andy Cohen mentioned the procedure on "Watch What Happens Live" on June 15. "How's the breast reduction working out?" Cohen asked her. "Oh, thank you for letting everyone know, Andy, thank you," she dryly replied. "Oh, oh my God! I thought you've talked about it! No, no!" an embarrassed Cohen retorted, taking his hands to his mouth.

The other guest on the show, Chloe Fineman, burst out laughing. "She told me in confidence!" Fineman exclaimed. That's probably not how Richards envisioned disclosing the surgery, but she didn't seem too bothered by it. The reality star immediately went into the details of the procedure. "I never had implants ... I went in and I said, 'I want smaller boobs and I don't ever what to wear a bra ever again in my life.' And here I am," she explained, adding her breasts still look swollen from the recent procedure.

Richards is a staunch believer that coming clean about cosmetic procedures is important in today's competitive world. "To me, when I see people who are looking perfect and pretending like that's just the way it is ... it gives me rage," she told Life & Style in October 2021. "I'm honest about that because we all are so hard on ourselves as it is."