Joe Jonas Completely Disagrees With Brother Nick's Opinion Of Their Disney Sitcom

The Jonas Brothers took over the Disney Channel for just one year with their sitcom "Jonas" in 2009. The show aired for two seasons, totaling 32 episodes, according to IMDb, but was canceled by the network in 2010 after the second season was renamed "Jonas L.A." The show revolved around the Jonas Brothers, who were called the Lucas brothers on the series, as they navigated their lives as performers in the spotlight still attending high school. "Jonas" was nominated for an Emmy in 2010 for "Outstanding Children's Program," but lost to "Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie," which also aired on Disney Channel. And while the show was short-lived, it seemed to have a lasting effect on the group.

In the band's 2019 documentary "Chasing Happiness," the series was brought up and it was revealed that the brothers do not have fond memories of the experience. In regards to the show, Nick Jonas called it a "big regret." He continued (via Insider), "We shouldn't have done that. It really stunted our growth. I feel like it was just a bad move. It was just not the time. Literally, we couldn't evolve because of it." The brothers seemingly agreed, specifically Kevin, who said it made them feel like "a joke."

Now, over a decade after the show's cancellation, it appears the show "Jonas" may be a subject of possible disagreement amongst the brothers.

Joe Jonas doesn't think it was that bad

Vanity Fair recently conducted one of their famous lie detector tests with Joe Jonas and the truth about his experience on Disney Channel quickly became a topic of conversation. It practically forced the singer to reveal the truth about how he felt about his and his brothers' Disney show "Jonas." When asked if he felt that doing the series was a big regret that stunted the group's growth, as Nick once said, Joe gave a surprising response.

"I don't agree. I think it was a lot of fun," Joe replied. The interviewer then asked if his wife, Sophie Turner, had ever watched the show. To that question, he said, "No. And I'm okay with her not watching it to be honest." The polygraph examiner then confirmed that he was telling the truth. When asked if it was difficult to unlearn the Disney Channel method of acting, Joe confessed that it was. He said that he has to relearn his instincts from the Disney days and just do the opposite of what he was used to doing.

This was not the last time the series was spoken about by the JoBros recently. Nick poked fun at "Jonas" being canceled after only two seasons in a TikTok in April 2021. It's unclear if Kevin still thinks about his time on Disney Channel. Fans will have to wait to see if the "Jonas" series continues to haunt the brothers as time goes on.