Katie Holmes' New Boyfriend Has Reportedly Taken A Major Step With Suri Cruise

While her ex-husband Tom Cruise is taking to the skies in "Top Gun: Maverick," Katie Holmes has turned her attention to an actor who prefers the stage. In April, People got ahold of pictures featuring Holmes in Central Park with Bobby Wooten III, a Broadway star and musician. While things are obviously still pretty new, recent details about the relationship suggest that the pair is getting along quite well.

The announcement of the new relationship comes about a year after Holmes' split from chef Emilio Vitolo Jr. After the breakup, a source told E! News that Holmes was no longer making dating a huge priority, as "she has a full plate with work and Suri." The latter obligation is 16-year-old Suri Cruise, Holmes' daughter.

Dating with children can be tricky, especially as a source told Entertainment Tonight that Vitolo Jr. had adored Suri and that the pair got along great during the restauranteur's relationship with Holmes. Fortunately, it appears that both Suri and Holmes are ready to fully open their hearts to Wooten.

Katie Holmes has introduced Bobby Wooten III to Suri

Historically, Katie Holmes has tried to keep her relationships private. Still, Bobby Wooten III earned himself a red carpet appearance alongside the star at the Moth Ball 25th Anniversary Gala. Photos from the event, documented in the Daily Mail, showed the couple cozied up on the carpet and laughing at their table. If things are going as well as they appear to be, the couple owes some major thanks to the mutual friends who E! News reports introduced them.

But it's not just the camera who loves Holmes and Wooten together — Suri Cruise seems to as well! A source exclusive to People dished that Holmes has given Wooten access to her inner circle, allowing him to meet her daughter. Hollywood Life went on to report that the teen is absolutely a fan of the pairing. "Bobby treats Suri like an adult, which she likes," their source said. "Suri is 16 years old, and she knows what love is and she knows what heartbreak is. She knows what it means when two people share a real connection and she sees this with her mother and Bobby. She is all for it." Aw!