Gloria Estefan Seemingly Side-Eyes Jennifer Lopez's Halftime Criticism

Jennifer Lopez's new Netflix documentary, "Halftime," dropped in early June, garnering fan praise for the film's candid confessions. In the film, Lopez opens up about life-defining moments such as the times she wanted to quit show business. "When I started working, the beauty ideal was very thin, blonde, tall, not a lot of curves," Lopez said, per People, admitting that media scrutiny over her curves made her feel like "a punchline." 

Some of J.Lo's other in-doc musings, however, are bound to stir the pot. In one portion of the film, Lopez reflected on being frustrated at sharing center stage with Shakira during Super Bowl LIV's Halftime Show. "This is the worst idea in the world to have two people do the Super Bowl," Lopez lamented passionately, per OK!, insisting that since the two shared the performance, they should have been allotted 20 minutes in lieu of 12. "We have to have our singing moments," the "Waiting for Tonight" chanteuse said. "It's not going to be a dance f**king revue. We have to sing our message." J.Lo's manager Benny Medina supported her claim that the time-split did a disservice to both, calling it "an insult to think that you needed two Latinas to do the job that one artist historically has done."

Among those who had something to say about Lopez's Halftime Show comments was Gloria Estefan, making her feelings about J.Lo's remarks pretty clear in a recent interview.

Gloria Estefan jokes about J.Lo's Halftime beef

Gloria Estefan isn't sweating skipping Super Bowl LIV. In a June 21 appearance on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," Estefan confirmed that she was asked to participate in the Latinx-centric halftime show alongside Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. "Imagine what J.Lo would have said if I was a third!" Estefan cracked, addressing Lopez's comments about sharing the stage with Shakira in her documentary "Halftime". Estefan has performed the halftime show multiple times, but felt it was J.Lo's and Shakira's "moment." Additionally, she quipped, "I didn't want to go on a diet in December."

Estefan offered some context for the Super Bowl choosing two performers instead of one. "You have very little time, like 12 minutes or something, to get things on and off the set," Estefan explained. "So, could you do it with one person? Yes, but I think they wanted to throw a Miami and Latin extravaganza and they tried to pack it as much as possible." Overall, Estefan gushed to host Andy Cohen that Lopez and Shakira "killed it."

Lopez's Super Bowl comments certainly left the public divided. Some "Halftime" viewers deemed J.Lo's remarks diva-esque, with one tweeting that the singer "needs a slice of humble pie." However, many were quick to point out a different side. "She does not criticize #Shakira at all," one Twitter user wrote. "She criticizes the #NFL and American society for discrimination against women and #Latinos."