Dolph Lundgren Doesn't Hold Back His Feelings About Amber Heard's On-Set Behavior

Despite rumors to the contrary, it would appear Amber Heard is still appearing in 2023's "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom." Just Jared reported in mid-June that Heard's role as Princess Mera had been cut out of the "Aquaman" sequel, with her role to be recast and reshoots with stars Jason Momoa and Nicole Kidman planned. However, Heard's rep told Entertainment Weekly these rumors were "inaccurate, insensitive, and slightly insane." 

In addition to a viral petition campaigning for Heard's removal from the sequel, it seems Warner Bros. and DC Films already weren't enthused about her return. Taking the stand at Heard's defamation trial against Johnny Depp on May 24, DC Films President Walter Hamada testified that she simply lacked connection with Momoa, her onscreen love interest. "They didn't really have a lot of chemistry together," Hamada said, adding that "it took a lot of effort" in post-production to enhance the stars' onscreen connection. Ironically, Momoa was allegedly one of the people advocating to keep Heard in the role, per Vanity Fair

Momoa wasn't the only franchise member who has seemingly remained a Heard supporter throughout her legal drama. Dolph Lundgren, who plays Mera's father, King Nereus, in both "Aquaman" and its sequel, has heaped public praise on Heard's on-set behavior. 

Dolph Lundgren continues his praise of Amber Heard

With "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" still a year from release, star Dolph Lundgren hasn't held back his support for onscreen daughter Amber Heard. The King Nereus to her Princess Mera in the sequel film, Lundgren shared with ET in late June that he had a terrific time making the film with her. "I haven't spoken to Amber," Lundgren said, but "she was great during the shooting." With the sequel set for a March 2023 release, Lundgren was unsure of the size of Heard's role, but did pass on reports of the film "looking great" so far. 

Previously, Lundgren had also praised Heard's "Aquaman 2" on-set conduct to Redline Steel CEO Colin Wayne in a May interview, per TMZ. "She was very kind and nice to the crew, nice to everybody, just down to Earth," the "Rocky IV" star shared, adding that Heard's infant daughter, Oonagh Paige Heard, "was with her with a nanny on-set, which was kind of cute."

Only time will tell the true fate of Heard's "Aquaman 2" role, but the actor certainly trained hard for it. In August 2021, she shared a series of videos to her Instagram feed, including one with her practicing using a staff weapon and another of herself exhausted and lying on the gym floor.