Kelly Rizzo Opens Up About Relationship With Bob Saget's Daughters Today

The sudden death of Bob Saget shocked fans and left his family devastated. Less than two weeks after the "Full House" star's passing, his wife Kelly Rizzo opened up about her grief during an emotional interview. "He was just the best man I've ever known in my life," Rizzo said through tears while appearing on "Today" in January. She discussed how Saget interacted with his loved ones. "He was just so kind and so wonderful, and everybody that was in his life knew it," the "Eat Travel Rock" blogger said. Once Rizzo had more time to process her husband's death, she shared her feelings on Instagram. "How can it be 2 months without you??" she wrote in a touching post on March 9 that included an adorable snap of her and Saget.

Besides his wife, Saget was survived by his three daughters from his first marriage: Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer Saget. Only weeks after the "America's Funniest Home Videos" host's death, Lara uploaded an adorable throwback photo to Instagram where she hugged her dad on an undisclosed film set. In the caption, Lara spoke about her father's seemingly limitless capacity for love. "I am beyond grateful to receive and to give that love," she wrote. On Father's Day, Lara posted another touching Instagram tribute. "My dad wasn't just my dad, he was my best friend," she wrote.

Later that month, Rizzo discussed her relationship with Saget's daughters since his death.

Kelly Rizzo reveals how often she speaks to Bob Saget's kids

Kelly Rizzo continued to open up about Bob Saget's death on social media, and discussed her relationship with his other family members. During an Instagram Q&A, the food blogger was asked about the comedian's daughters. "[D]o you and bob's girls get along and still talk," the fan asked (via Page Six). Rizzo made it clear that she and her step-daughters were close, and kept in close contact. "I'd call it more than getting along, we love each other very, very much and talk or text every day," she responded. Rizzo shared how happy she was to have the support after Saget's death. "We're just so, so grateful to be as close as we are because that's not always the case with step-families."

The "Fuller House" star and Rizzo never planned on having children of their own, and part of the reason was because of her relationship with Saget's kids. "I mean, Kelly and my daughters love each other, so it really is some magical thing that happened," Saget told Us Weekly in 2018 after the publication asked if the couple wanted more kids. "They just love each other. And we want to enjoy the love of each other," he added.

After Saget announced he and Rizzo were engaged, the "Dirty Work" director similarly discussed his fiancee's bond with his children. "My daughters love her! She's a remarkable person, and she's really talented," Saget told Closer Weekly at the time.