Logan Paul Has Major News About The Future Of His Wrestling Career

Logan and Jake Paul both began their boxing careers in 2018. Their careers took off after becoming involved in an online feud with YouTuber KSI and his brother Deji, according to the Mirror, and deciding to take their drama into the ring. Logan was set to box KSI while Jake would go up against Deji. The first fight between Logan and KSI ended in a draw, according to BBC, but the internet stars decided to schedule a rematch. During their second fight, KSI was declared the winner after Paul's score was deducted by two points for a penalty. Logan's loss, however, did not stop him from challenging champion Floyd Mayweather to an exhibition match.

Mayweather and Paul boxed during an exhibition match at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami back in June 2021. Speaking of the exhibition, Mayweather said (via CNN), "I had fun ... He's better than I thought he was." He continued, "He's a tough, rough competitor ... I was surprised by him tonight." However, in May, Paul claimed to TMZ that Mayweather had still not paid him for the exhibition in full —saying that he was short a few million — and that he would be taking Mayweather to court.

Despite Logan's fights with KSI and showdown with Mayweather, Jake seemed to be the more competitive boxer of the two. However, it appears that Logan is now also getting serious about his career in fighting, but not in boxing.

Logan Paul signs with WWE

In April, Logan Paul teamed up with The Miz for a fight during WrestleMania 38 and won against Rey and Dominik Mysterio, according to Bleacher Report. His performance definitely wowed The Miz, according to TMZ, and seemingly plenty of others, as he just took a major step forward in his wrestling career. Logan has officially signed a contract with WWE and will continue working with the wrestling entertainment company. He broke the news by tweeting on June 30, "just signed with the @WWE." According to ESPN, the contract is a multi-event deal and will go into 2023.

Back in March, The Miz told TMZ that Logan is "very athletic" and "picking up everything really quickly." He continued, "It's been a blast [training him]. He's an absolute natural. And I think after WrestleMania a lot of people are going to be like 'Hey, this guy can go full-time if he wants.'" The Miz and Logan seemed to make a good team, as the WWE star had a lot of good things to say prior to their fight. However, after WrestleMania 38, The Miz ultimately turned on him.

Paul will participate in WWE's Summerslam, which will take place in Nashville on July 30. It appears that he may even wrestle The Miz one-on-one after he crossed him following their victory. WWE fans will definitely be seeing a lot more of Logan Paul in the next year or so.