How Much Was James Caan Worth When He Died?

The family of James Caan has sadly confirmed that the Oscar-nominated actor died on July 6 at 82 years old. "The family appreciates the outpouring of love and heartfelt condolences and asks that you continue to respect their privacy during this difficult time," Caan's family wrote from his Twitter account. "End of tweet," they finished, referencing the hilarious way Caan would sign off his posts.

And it's true, there was truly a bombardment of love for the "Godfather" actor when the news broke of his death, with many commending his legendary acting chops. "So sorry to hear the news," fellow actor Rob Reiner tweeted. "I loved working with him. And the only Jew I knew who could calf rope with the best of them. Love to the family." A fan wrote, "One of the greatest to ever do it."

Over his decades-long career in the entertainment industry, Caan accumulated a whopping 137 acting credits, per his IMDb. Even more remarkable than that, so many of these parts were iconic movie roles: Sonny in "The Godfather," Paul in "Misery," and Walter in "Elf." Plus, Caan was working up until his death; his final film, "Fast Charlie," is currently in post-production. He was certainly one of the most prolific and beloved actors in Hollywood. So how much was he worth when he died?

James Caan earned a fortune from his acting career

James Caan's career was one that most actors can only dream of. Right off the bat, Caan made a splash and impressed critics. After entering the industry in the 1960s, Caan earned his first-ever acting award nomination — the Golden Globes — for his role in the film "The Glory Guys." The Hollywood Reporter dubbed Caan the "Macho Leading Man of Hollywood," and he didn't stop working until his death.

So, it's no surprise that Celebrity Net Worth estimated that Caan's net worth was $20 million. It's fair to surmise that his fortune came from his immense dedication to the craft of acting, since he was focused on his film and TV career and seemingly didn't venture out of that much. Caan ended his life as an extremely respected and beloved actor.

"You only pray when you start in this business that you get to the point where people recognize you or quote you," Caan reminisced to Cigar Aficionado in 2004. "I've got a lot of people who are, like, 'Hey, your ankle OK?' from 'Misery.'" And as we look back on his career after his death, Caan will forever be immortalized by his iconic roles and long-lasting legacy in Hollywood.