All The Hallmark Movies Torrey DeVitto Has Starred In

Torrey DeVitto and Hallmark are a match made in heaven. Fans of the channel know that a happy ending is part of the package, and that is seemingly part of the allure of the channel. Hallmark screenwriter William Penick told Empire that their storylines put the heart first as "It's capital ROM, lowercase com." Yes, romance is more important than witty lines and tickling your funny bone. Their feel-good formula brings home the bacon with an estimated advertisement ad revenue of more than $350 million during the Christmas period alone, per Forbes.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that after Torrey DeVitto left "Chicago Med," she seemingly made a beeline back to the channel. In her Instagram post where she said goodbye to her fans, she also let them know, "I can't wait to share what's to come with all of you. New adventures await!" 

It seems as if DeVitto has been on quite the journey since leaving the NBC show. Not only has she filmed the movie "Skelly," but she has already appeared in several Hallmark movies since leaving "Chicago Med." She joins other Hallmark Channel stars who are making big money on the channel, and is showing off another side of her talent. DeVitto's acting skills and Hallmarks storylines sizzle hotter than a steamy Harlequin romance, as some of her co-stars can attest to. 

Torrey DeVitto brings the romance in Best Christmas Party Ever

Holidays go hand-in-hand with Hallmark Christmas movies. And Torrey DeVitto seems to be a natural fit for the cable channel owned by Crown Media Holdings, Inc. Hallmark is the self-proclaimed "heart of TV," a fitting place for the actor to call home. 

The "Army Wives" alum's first flick for the channel was in 2014. DeVitto played the part of Jennie Stanton, a party planner, in "Best Christmas Party Ever." Things get complicated when her boss decides to sell the company to her dashing nephew instead of passing the reins to her. "He's just getting in her way," DeVitto says in an interview. Part of her character's frustration is that the job seems to come naturally to him, while "she works really hard for it." Of course, underlying tension is key to any romantic storyline, with the "almost breakup" climax usually revealed in Act 8, per The New Yorker

As Hallmark actor Paul Campbell said to Empire, "You're not really trying to reinvent the wheel," He added, "What we're trying to do is deliver that same feeling, that same story that people respond to." It also appears as if the Hallmark bug bit DeVitto, since she went on to star in several other romantic Hallmark movies, per her IMDb. Hopefully, DeVitto's relationship with the channel is only just beginning.

Torrey DeVitto believes Write Before Christmas brings a 'special' message

In 2019, five years after her Hallmark debut, Torrey DeVitto then starred in "Write Before Christmas." Hallmark reveals that the movie centers around Jessica, played by DeVitto, who decides to go the personal route and pens some heartfelt Christmas cards to those who significantly impacted her life. In the trailer, she also reveals that she's taking a holiday from dating. However, it seems as if she's flirting up a storm with her character's love interest, Luke, played by Chad Michael Murray. In the trailer, Jessica says, "Shouldn't we be in a sleigh somewhere?" To which Luke, replies, "I'm happy right here." Swoon! 

DeVitto told Parade why she connected to this flick on a personal level. "To me, writing cards is still so special. Receiving that card in the mail is so special." She went on to explain why she felt that a handwritten missive was so important. DeVitto elaborated, "With all the technology of this day and age, I feel like people forget that sometimes something simple is more valuable than trying to find an extravagant gift, and so I love that this movie shows you that ..." It sounds like DeVitto still appreciates the little things in life.

Torrey DeVitto's character faces tragedy in The Christmas Promise

Torrey DeVitto appeared in "The Christmas Promise," alongside Dylan Bruce and Patrick Duffy in 2021. This was her first Hallmark flick after leaving "Chicago Med." However, she didn't bounce into a fluff-and-laughter type of role. Sometimes, the channel tells stories that have you reaching for the tissues. In this movie, Nicole is a grieving fiancée trying to piece her life back together, per Hallmark. Luckily, she can rely on her grandfather for support, as well as a new carpenter who helps with her home renovations.

In an interview promoting the movie, the actor spoke about her character who is going through a loss. "I think I've learned a lot from her because Nicole is someone who can kind of who can tuck it all in when it comes to her emotions." However, DeVitto revealed that she "will wear all my emotions on my sleeve" in real life. It sounds as if DeVitto had to dig deep in "The Christmas Promise" to portray a wide range of emotions. Luckily, this girl can handle anything.

Torrey DeVitto's co-star Niall Matter sings her praises

Torrey DeVitto's latest offering (as of this writing) is the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries film, "Rip in Time." Niall Matter co-stars with DeVitto in a classic time-jump storyline. While filming the 2022 movie, DeVitto hopped on camera and waxed lyrical about the location of the set. "It literally took my breath away when we first got here," she said in a Hallmark interview. In the movie, the "Pretty Little Liars" alum plays an organic farmer named Sarah. Many scenes take place outdoors, and it seems as if DeVitto loved the natural landscape. DeVitto also shared that she was "in heaven" because there were "so many animals" on set. 

Matter gushed to MediaVillage about DeVitto's acting prowess. He said, "I was flabbergasted at how talented she is." He further lauded her saying, "It's because she's so talented, it often felt like she wasn't acting ... But we found the perfect balance. Working with her was an absolute pleasure. I felt like we'd been friends forever." 

So not only does DeVitto seem to be flourishing after "Chicago Med" but it seems as if she may have found her niche on the Hallmark Channel where she has made an impression on at least one co-star.