The Truth About Cardi B Supposedly Attacking One Of Her Fans During A Concert

Cardi B is booked and busy. Over the past weekend, the "I Like It" hitmaker headlined Wireless Festival in the U.K. On July 8, she played to thousands of fans in London at Finsbury Park while performing to a similar crowd in Birmingham at the NEC the following day, according to NME

As soon as the rap star left the stage, Cardi's fanbase, also known as the Bardi Gang, took to social media to share their thoughts on her set. "Cardi B might be the greatest performer I've seen," one user tweeted. "The way Cardi has done 3 shows, she was full of energy at each one of them, and the crowd loved her. These days have been iconic," another person shared. "Cardi b is a superstar otherwise I don't see how you explain that," a third fan remarked

Even though Cardi's performance garnered rave reviews, many were talking about an alleged fight that took place between the rapper and someone in the crowd at the London event. However, not everything was as it seemed.

Cardi B grabbed her mic off a fan

Cardi B's Wireless Festival performance in London made headlines for more than one reason. In addition to fans loving her set, many picked up on a video that saw the "Be Careful" hitmaker in the crowd. As seen on TikTok, Cardi was brave enough to get up close and personal with the audience while surrounded by security mid-performance. Unsurprisingly, fans went wild when the megastar came down to them and couldn't stop screaming and reaching their hand out to her. However, when captured in slow motion, the clip showed someone trying to snatch her microphone out of her hand. Luckily, Cardi quickly — and rather aggressively — moved on with her performance. In another video, she appeared to beat fans in the crowd with the microphone.

All of this led to Cardi being accused of fighting with fans in the crowd. On the whole, the situation appeared to be a misunderstanding. Never one to shy away from hate, the Grammy Award-winner responded to the backlash, tweeting, "Don't believe everything you see" with the winking emoji. In another tweet, Cardi shared, "It wasn't NO FIGHT !" She then encouraged followers to view an extended version of the video posted by a fan page, in which she is escorted away by her security team.