Pete Davidson Debuts Yet Another Tattoo Dedicated To Kim Kardashian

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian's relationship is still going strong. The two are also comfortable enough that Kardashian has even been putting Davidson to work during their vacation. During their trip to Tahiti, Kardashian handed the task of producing quality social media content to her boyfriend and, luckily for Davidson, he passed the test. She wrote in one of her Instagram Stories, "He turned out to be the best photog and we got the cutest pics and just had so much fun trying." Not only that, but Davidson can add reality television star to his long list of credits as he's made his debut on "The Kardashians" on Hulu (via Page Six). In one trailer, he cheekily asked his girlfriend if she wanted to take a shower with him — in front of the cameras, no less.

While no one knows just how madly in love Kardashian and Davidson really are, they are certainly not shy about flaunting their romance. In fact, Davidson feels so strong about Kardashian that he has once again proven that their love is the permanent kind — at least through ink.

Pete Davidson got a new tattoo in honor of Kim Kardashian

One could say that all of Pete Davidson's tattoos can tell a story about his life — and they wouldn't be wrong. The chapters that include Kim Kardashian are also on there, as he's gotten several tattoos in honor of his girlfriend. His latest, which he debuted on Kardashian's Instagram, says: "Jasmine and Aladdin." As many fans may recall, Kardashian appeared in a "Saturday Night Live" sketch dressed as Jasmine back in October 2021. Davidson was dressed as Aladdin, and it was also the first time that the two shared a kiss. In addition to his new Aladdin-inspired tattoo, Davidson also has a tattoo of Kardashian's name across his chest and the first initials of her children right above his fresh ink, too, according to Page Six.  

Davidson's multiple tattoos might suggest that he's in it for the long haul with Kardashian. But, then again, he did get tattoos in honor of his relationship with Ariana Grande, per People, and even one of Hillary Clinton, too. Davidson clearly loves all the women in his life, though he might love his tattoo art even more.