What Aesha Scott's Relationship With Hannah Ferrier Is Like Now After Below Deck

Aesha Scott and Hannah Ferrier became fast friends soon after they met on "Below Deck Mediterranean" Season 4. But, nearly three years since the season wrapped, where do they stand today?

"Below Deck Med" fans were first introduced to Scott as the second stew to Ferrier's chief stew. Since then, much has changed for both women. Scott has gone on to become the chief stew in the franchise's latest spinoff, "Below Deck Down Under." Ferrier, meanwhile, famously walked away from "Below Deck Med" after she was fired for failing to disclose the prescription medication she had in her cabin. At the time, Scott was vocal about her support for her former chief stew. Speaking in an episode of "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," she shared, "I thought it was a real shame. It's such a sad way for the season to end, and, you know ... I've known multiple people and had medication myself that no one's reported, so I think it was a little bit OTT." Prior to everything playing out on the show, she had also told Decider that it was "a bummer" knowing Ferrier wouldn't be there. "You saw how we were last season. We were just the absolute best, best friends."

The real question is, have they been able to sustain that friendship without being co-stars?

Hannah is there for Aesha, every step of the way

That would be a resounding yes!

Hannah Ferrier may have left the "Below Deck" franchise, but her support for her former second stew has never wavered. In fact, Aesha Scott has gushed over Ferrier's continued supportiveness on more than one occasion. In her 2020 Decider interview, Scott explained that Ferrier had been all for her return to the show. That is, even though she only learned about it later on, due to production rules. "She's one of my best friends, but I was still like, 'I can't tell Hannah!' So it wasn't actually until a while later that I ended up telling her. And she wasn't mad. She was just like, 'Oh, classic you ... goody-goody.'"

As for Scott's shift to "Below Deck Down Under," she recently told Entertainment Tonight that Ferrier had helped her prepare for the experience. "Hannah was just, honestly, the biggest support. She was amazing. She gave me so many tips and tricks," she shared, noting that her advice for how to stay calm was invaluable. Scott also told Decider in 2022 how much she appreciated Ferrier going above and beyond to help her, gushing, "She's such an amazing, beautiful friend to me." Well, it's a promise Ferrier made herself. In response to a November 2021 Instagram post by Scott, Ferrier commented back, "I will always look after you."

Aesha couldn't be happier for Hannah's new chapter

Just as Hannah Ferrier has been eager to help Aesha Scott in her latest venture, the "Below Deck Down Under" star has been equally supportive of her friend's new chapter. Since leaving "Below Deck Med," Ferrier has embraced her new role as a mom and wife, and Scott couldn't be happier for her. 

"When I first met [Ferrier]," Scott reminisced to Decider, "I specifically remember her saying that she really wanted to have a baby." Now that she's done both that and walked down the aisle with her boyfriend Josh, Scott is over the moon. "I felt really lucky to see this life she's created." It's not the first time Scott has gushed over her friend's young family. Shortly after Ferrier left the franchise and announced her pregnancy, Scott beamed over her former co-star's new chapter in a 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight. "She's so destined to be a mother, so now that she's pregnant ... oh, I'm just so happy."

Hannah Ferrier and Aesha Scott might not be colleagues anymore, but this friendship is one for the books. Here's hoping we'll see these two together in our screens some time in the future. A "Below Deck" fan can dream, right?