The Sale Of Erika Jayne's Former Home Is Getting Seriously Messy

Everyone who watches "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" knows that Erika Jayne's legal and financial troubles are far from over. It's also no secret that Jayne has her fair share of enemies and trolls on social media. Now, it looks like all three battles — legal, financial, and trollish — have converged into one. It has to do with the sale of Jayne's former house, which just got a whole lot messier. 

While Jayne's ex-husband Tom Girardi has been sued for alleged fraud and embezzlement, Jayne herself has maintained her innocence. She is still fighting accusations that she was implicated in the alleged theft in the courts, according to BuzzFeed. Meanwhile, she's fighting more personal accusations on social media. One of her most dedicated trolls goes by the name Attorney Ronald Richards on social media. Richards often posts screenshots of court filings with regards to Jayne's cases to his Instagram and Twitter accounts. He has called on Andy Cohen to take action against her on Twitter, and Jayne has even gotten into DMing beefs with Richards' wife (via Reality Blurb). 

Now, it looks like Richards has taken the feud a step further. 

An Erika Jayne troll is trying to buy her former house

Ronald Richards posted images of legal documents to his personal Instagram page on July 12, with a detailed caption explaining that he and his wife were attempting to purchase Erika Jayne's former house from the trustee. "This is so our followers can see how the victims' money was spent and to get a piece of the decadence," Richards wrote. The lengthy caption continued, "We will also use it for a public forum on first amendment activities, something Erika and her legal team strongly are against. They want secret hearings and trials, not public scrutiny." It's not entirely clear what is meant by "public forum on first amendment activities," but hey, we're not the lawyers here. Richards added, "Ultimately, the property will be rehabbed and liquidated after the Estate proceeds are disbursed."

The Instagram account All About the Real Housewives also posted about the proposed sale, including (alleged) screen grabs from Richards' wife Lauren Boyette Richards' Instagram Stories, which showed a bird's eye view of the Pasadena mansion with the caption, "Awe, she's cute. What should we name her?"

From the documents posted to Richards' account, it looks as though the couple has put in a $6.9 million offer. According to the New York Post, the mansion is currently in foreclosure for around $8 million. The Post also notes that Jayne is not listed as an owner of the property. So, we're not sure what the point here actually is.