Kevin Hart Reveals How Will Smith Is Really Doing After Oscars Slap Scandal

Although it's been months since the unforgettable altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, fans are still buzzing about the so-called #SlapGate. While Rock has followed Smith's instructions to keep his wife's name out of his mouth, he hasn't been shy about alluding to the incident. According to The Telegraph, the comedian joked about the slap during one of his sets. "I'm okay, if anybody was wondering," Rock teased. "Got most of my hearing back ... I'll talk about it at some point ... on Netflix. Your tickets were expensive, but not that expensive."

Smith, meanwhile, has been fairly quiet. He released a statement on Instagram apologizing to Rock soon after the event. Still, the Academy went as far as to ban Smith from attending future Oscars events for 10 years, as reported by the BBC.

Now, Smith's friend and fellow actor Kevin Hart is speaking out with an update on how the "Independence Day" actor is coping.

Kevin Hart says Will Smith is in a better place

With so many comedians in attendance at the Oscars, it's no surprise that jokes about the incident have made their way to the stage, giving a whole new meaning to "slapstick comedy." According to Us Weekly, Kevin Hart referenced Will Smith's actions during his Reality Check tour. While making comments about how COVID made people start acting crazy, Hart said, "Will Smith didn't plan that s**t."

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, however, Hart offered more serious reflections on the situation. "Will is apologetic, you know, he's in a better space, of course, than what he was after [the Oscars]." Hart also seemed hopeful that Smith eventually find himself back in Hollywood's good graces. "People are human and as humans sometimes we make mistakes ... I can only hope that the two of them find a way to find some solace in that and move past it. I just like good energy. I love to see people be the best."

Smith's social media accounts have been silent since the posting of his apology, but it sounds like he's doing alright. Martin Lawrence, one of Smith's co-stars in the "Bad Boys" movies, also shared with Ebony that he doesn't anticipate the franchise being cut short based on the slap. Perhaps Smith's just busy with work... or icing his hand.