Who Is Rosie O'Donnell's New Girlfriend Aimee Hauer?

According to People, actor Rosie O'Donnell and her girlfriend Aimee Hauer made their first public outing as a couple on the red carpet at the Stand Up for Friendly House comedy benefit on July 16. The comedian came out publicly in 2002, per The New York Times, but she actually tried to come out in a 1992 interview with Cosmopolitan.

"At that time, nobody printed it," O'Donnell told HuffPost in 2014. She recalled the magazine's then-editor-in-chief removing that detail from an interview. The reporter had asked directly is O'Donnell was gay, which she confirmed. But as for why the EIC took that out, the star explained, "She was protecting me because at that time it would've been a huge issue, right?" However, since then, O'Donnell believes things have "changed a lot" in the time since and that coming out is "much more common and people are much more used to it."

The television talk show host was previously linked to television producer Kelli Carpenter, per Closer Weekly, welcoming four children to their family. O'Donnell then married the late Michelle Rounds, and was then engaged to Elizabeth Rooney, but split a year later. This past May, the "A League of Their Own" actor was spotted with a mystery woman.

Aimee Hauer is a fairly private, but outspoken person

Rosie O'Donnell and her girlfriend, Aimee Hauer, made their relationship Instagram official on June 1. The actor reposted a photo of the two from her girlfriend's private account that was captioned, "Happy PRIDE!!" The former "The View" host's girlfriend isn't a public figure, per Glamour Buff, but she has been a guest on the "Lesbian Speaking" podcast about her Mormon upbringing.

"I started questioning things really deep and then started researching," Hauer, who was previously married to a man at 21 years old and then left the Mormon church, said on the podcast in 2021. "Once I started researching, my feelings, my thoughts, my own personality, how I identify, my queerness that I had suppressed for so many years, was starting to come out."

According to Hauer's Instagram profile, it seems that she likes biking and that she enjoys crafts. Her TikTok, which is public, tells us that she's a positive, fun, and energetic person. Although O'Donnell doesn't show up too much in her videos, she's very responsive to fans who have followed her. We hope that both O'Donnell and Hauer have found the one in each other.