Joy Behar And Sara Haines Finally Break Silence On Their Absences From The View

Joy Behar and Sara Haines returned to their posts on "The View" on July 18 after being noticeably missing for several episodes. The ABC talk show — which features Behar and Haines alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Sonny Hostin, and Anna Navarro — has seen its fair share of cast mix-ups, prompting fans to inquire about the sudden absences. "Where's Joy? The one day I get to watch this wk and Dan Abrams is filling in? Booooo," one fan tweeted, while another wrote, "Where is Sara Haines and Joy Behar? Please don't tell me that Joy has retired!"

However, Goldberg calmed worried fans, providing a brief explanation about why the beloved co-hosts were missing from the daytime program. "Sara is still out with COVID. Joy does not have Covid," Goldberg said (via Decider), while jokingly adding, "She's getting over something else, the flu, or maybe she's pregnant. I don't know." Now, both hosts have returned to the panel and they are speaking out about their absences.

Joy Behar and Sarah Haines were both ill

After taking a few days away from their hosting duties, Joy Behar and Sarah Haines have rejoined the cast of "The View." Moderator Whoopi Goldberg announced the pair's return to the show before reminding everyone that she previously told the audience Behar was pregnant. "I'm the Virgin Mary," Behar responded, adding, "I'm here to remind everyone that there are diseases out there besides COVID. I had a virus, that's it. A very strong virus. I tested negative in five PCR tests." Haines then went on to confirm that she did test positive for COVID, but initially thought she was suffering from a sinus infection.

And while the news of Behar and Haines' return is sure to excite fans, the show is still on the hunt for a co-host to replace Meghan McCain. According to the New York Post, former Donald Trump staffer and frequent "The View" guest-host Alyssa Farrah Griffin is "the frontrunner" among contenders.