Andy Cohen Shares The Backstory Behind His Painful WWHL Injury

Andy Cohen just offered an explanation regarding the unfortunate incident that happened to him on live television.

In the July 13 episode of his show "Watch What Happens Live," Cohen accidentally burned his hand during an ad break. But since he's a true professional, the incident didn't deter him from continuing as normal. "Welcome back to 'Watch What Happens Live.' I'm Andy Cohen in the clubhouse where one could drink too much and make an inappropriate statement, or they could grab Caroline Brooks' curling iron with their hands during the commercial break and burn themselves, which is what I just did," he said after the break, explaining that he had grabbed the wrong end of the iron (via Yahoo! News). "Oh boy. I am in pain. I'm not kidding you."

Many applauded his professionalism, saying how much they admire him for powering through despite being in serious pain. "@Andy proving the show must go on #WWHL great job hanging in there – curling iron burns are no joke," one fan tweeted. "I hope the burn on your hand is better today! You really held it together on WWHL last night, despite the pain you were experiencing!!" said another. It's been a few days since the accident happened, and in a new interview, Cohen shared what went down during that ad break.

Andy Cohen explains his curling iron debacle

Andy Cohen apparently doesn't know how to work a curling iron, which ultimately led to his little accident on set.

In a recent "LIVE with Kelly and Ryan" appearance, the host filled fans in on the full story of how he burnt his fingers during a commercial break. "A hair person came in during a commercial break and left a hot iron on my little table next to me, a curling iron, of which I am unfamiliar," he recalled. "And on top of my cards, I picked it up to move to get to my cards and burned my fingers during a commercial break. I was such a wreck." He went on to explain how he tried remedying the burn, saying that he recently found out that ice didn't help much. "I put it in milk, that was very good ... And they had some kind of cream."

This will likely serve as a learning lesson for Cohen and encourage him to want to learn how hair irons work in the future. He assured fans that he's feeling much better now, though. "All better thanks," he said on Twitter when a fan asked how he was. Maybe milk really does work!