How Elon Musk's Attempt To Win Back His Ex Totally Backfired

Forbes lists controversial billionaire Elon Musk as the wealthiest person in the world, so it's no wonder that he's often making headlines. When the articles aren't about his self-driving cars or rocket ships, they tend to follow his relationships or Musk's tendency to pick fights with people like former president Donald Trump.

When Musk's long term partner, Grimes, announced on Twitter that the duo had split, it was easy to assume that Musk's romance drama would cool down for a bit. However, Hollywood Life soon linked him to another high-profile figure: Natasha Bassett, who recently starred in the hit "Elvis" biopic.

The Daily Mail speculated that the pair could've been introduced through Musk's mother, who has reportedly known Bassett since 2015. Regardless, a source for Hollywood Life said that the couple was "very much into each other." Page Six even spotted them on vacation together in St. Tropez in May. Now, following news that they have split, it would appear that the billionaire has some regrets.

Elon Musk allegedly tried to make Natasha Bassett jealous

In early July, Hollywood Life reported that Natasha Bassett had decided to end things with Elon Musk. According to their source, the Australian actor wants to focus more attention on her career, which has really taken off since the release of "Elvis." According to Variety, the film made more than $100 million domestically. However, Hollywood Life also noted that the break-up came shortly after Musk revealed he had secretly fathered twins in 2021.

About a week later, Hollywood Life got word on Musk's side of things. Although TMZ's pictures of Musk on a yacht would make it appear that he's living his best single life, the former outlet tells a different story. Their source said Musk was begging Bassett to get back together prior to his Mykonos yacht trip, but she wasn't interested. When the pictures were released, things only got worse.

"Natasha and those around her believe that Elon was trying to make her jealous by being photographed with all of these gorgeous women," a source for the outlet said. "But this did not make Natasha jealous. This type of behavior is one of the reasons that Natasha decided to end the relationship, and all this does is reassure her that she made the right choice." Ouch.