This Is How Far Todd Chrisley Really Got In School

"Chrisley Knows Best" star Todd Chrisley is known for his sassy comebacks — and his helicopter parenting. While Chrisley has five children, the series primarily focuses on Chase, Savannah, and Grayson, all of whom he shares with second wife Julie. Most of the episodes showcase his biting sarcasm toward his children, while pushing them to be the best they can be. Julie as well as Chrisley's mother, Faye, serve as his counterpoints, often calling out his behavior and furthering the family drama.

Despite Chrisley's witty critiques of his kids, he sees his children's success as vital and supports them in every opportunity, including school, speaking at length about his children's academic careers both on and off the show. Speaking of, Savannah and Chase both attended college, as did his oldest daughter Lindsie, who graduated in 2012. From all of his pushiness, it's clear education is important to Todd, but does he practice what he preaches?

Todd Chrisley didn't attend college like his kids

Todd Chrisley never shies away from an opportunity to discuss his children, especially when it comes to their education. Though he joked Chase was "trying to screw his way through the entire campus," Chrisley was more complimentary of his daughters.

"Savannah is extremely academic, so nothing that Savannah is going to do is going to interfere with her college degree," Chrisley told OK! Magazine in 2015. "Savannah truly believes in the empowerment of women, and she believes the best way in doing that is by having an education. Julie and I have both brought her up that way, as I did Lindsie." He added, "I did not want to raise weak girls. I wanted my girls to go out here and do any job that a man can do. Savannah has taken that very seriously."

Interestingly, Chrisley seemingly never went to college himself, despite encouraging and supporting his kids in this endeavor. It's not clear why he didn't attend, but he was a student as West Oak High School, as he confirmed to a fan via Twitter. Whether he graduated is unknown. 

Todd Chrisley could continue his education in prison

Todd Chrisley has seen many controversies over the years, ranging from financial troubles to criminal charges. Most recently in June, Chrisley and Julie were found guilty of fraud and tax evasion. The Chrisleys received $30 million in loans on fraudulent pretenses, and filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying their debts, as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Now, both Todd and Julie Chrisley face up to 30 years in prison. (The Chrisleys pled not guilty and plan on appealing the verdict, per their lawyer.)

Given his insistence on academics, perhaps now is as good a time as any for the patriarch to pursue higher education. After all, he will have more time on his hands depending on the length of his prison sentence. Through what is called the "correspondence education," inmates can enroll in bible, vocational, high school equivalency, bachelor's, and graduate courses to be conducted via mail.  Additionally, the Federal Bureau of Prison's website states "all institutions offer literacy classes, English as a Second Language, parenting classes, wellness education, adult continuing education, library services, and instruction in leisure-time activities."

So will Chrisley take this government-mandated time to better his own academic record? Only time will tell!