Barron Trump's Height Is Turning Heads Once Again

The family and loved ones of Ivana Trump — the "tough as nails" ex-wife of former president Donald Trump — gathered at the St. Vincent Ferrer Roman Catholic Church in Manhattan to celebrate her life. The 73-year-old socialite, who famously coined the nickname "The Donald," passed away suddenly at age 73 due to "blunt impact injuries of the torso" caused by an accidental fall, according to the New York Post. Among the prominent mourners attending her "glamorous send-off" were the three children she shared with Donald, including Eric Trump, who lauded his mother as "the embodiment of the American dream" during an emotional speech at her upper Eastside service.

While Ivana's only daughter, Ivanka Trump, remembered her as a "trailblazer," and her eldest son Donald Trump Jr.'s comments lauding her as "fearless and independent" left the church "drenched in tears," it was likely former president Trump's youngest son, Barron Trump, who turned the most heads.

Barron Trump is seriously tall

As the famous family crowded on the steps of the church for a group photo, one thing became immediately clear — 16-year-old Barron Trump, the only child of Donald and Melania Trump, is a seriously tall teen. Barron – who has had a stunning transformation over the years – stood with a mournful expression as he towered over his kin. The mammoth minor stood at 6'7” after turning 15 last year, dwarfing his 5'11” mom, Melania, per the New York Post.

The Brobdingnagian boy's stunning height left more than a few jaws dropped on Twitter, with one user writing, "I'm still not over how tall Barron Trump is. Get that kid in the NBA," and another noted that as a teen, Barron still has room to grow: "I bet Barron Trump is like 10'9 tall by now." Unsurprisingly, after people realized just how tall the former first son is, an old photo taken during a Mother's Day celebration in May 2021 — in which Barron looms over a woman as he poses with her – began making the rounds on the microblogging site.

Barron Trump's height has been brought up by his famous father before

Barron Trump's stature was recognized by onlookers following his attendance at a ceremony to honor the life of Ivana Trump. The teen's impressive height, however, has also been addressed in the past. TMZ wrote that then-new photos showed how Barron looked to be taller than his father way back in 2019, when he was only 12 years old. Additionally, Barron's father, Donald Trump, publicly spoke of his youngest son's growth spurt in 2021 at a GOP event in North Carolina, per the New York Post.

"Barron is 6-foot-7, can you believe it? And he's 15," Trump said before comparing Barron's height to that of one of his other children. "Eric is short — he's only 6-foot-6," Trump jokingly said. Per The U.S. Sun, Barron now standing at 6'7” has resulted in him being the tallest child of the Trump family; Ivanka reportedly measures at 5'11", Tiffany is 5'8”, while Barron's other siblings, Eric and Donald Jr., are 6'6” and 6'1”.

Since his recent appearance, some on Twitter have implied that Barron's height could point toward a basketball career, but it looks as though his interests are in another sport.

Barron Trump is more focused on soccer than NBA aspirations

Barron Trump's tall build has again sparked some responses from an audience of media viewers. Though many commenters on Twitter have hinted that Barron now being 6'7” could be beneficial in a future NBA career, per Insider, the teenager's interests have turned in a different direction. In a 2018 interview at Liberty University, per The Sun, Melania Trump stated that Barron had become "all into sports." The publication then went on to note that Barron had begun to play soccer and had been seen donning an Arsenal Football Club shirt at the White House. 

That same year, the The U.S. Sun also reported that Barron even got to meet one of his favorite soccer stars, Wayne Rooney of D.C. United. This occurred when Rooney attended a holiday gathering at the White House after receiving a personal invite from Donald Trump. Per Sport Bible, a video posted to Twitter in June 2022 showcases Barron playing in a soccer match and showing off his sports skills as he passes the ball to a teammate. The site also compared Barron's soccer prowess to former pro soccer player, Peter Crouch. Time will tell what Barron will pursue in the future, however, as the teen is still a student at Oxbridge Academy.